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Roger Federer becomes oldest ever world number one

There’s no denying it, Roger Federer is one of, if not the greatest tennis player ever to live. He’s won an amazing 20 grand slams, 4 more than Rafael Nadal and 8 more than Novak Djokovic. Amazingly, at 36 yeas old, he has now now become the oldest tennis player ever to be ranked world number one.

On Monday, Federer will sit at the top of the ATP world rankings for the first time in over five years. This success comes after he beat Robin Haase to reach the Rotterdam semi-finals on Friday night. He also broke the record for the longest amount of time between first becoming number one and his most recent stint at the top, 14 years.

Roger Federer further secured his position as world number one,  beating Andreas Seppi in the semi-final last night. He plays Grigor Dimitrov in the final of the competition tonight.

Federer is reaching new heights late in his career. It sounds as if he’s got his mind set on a second French Open title which starts in May and another Wimbledon title which kicks off in July.

Amazing Federer facts and stats

  • When researching into this post I was amazed to find out that Roger Federer was classified as ‘unfit’ by the Swiss military due to back problems back in 2003.
  • Federer has the record for most grand slams won, with 20.
  • Roger holds the record for the most weeks as number one, a crazy 302 weeks.
  • He also has the record for the most consecutive weeks as number one, 237.
  • Federer has won the most Wimbledon titles than anyone, with 8.
  • He has racked up over $100 million in prize money
  • In his 18 year career, Federer has never retired in a match.
  • Federer is a keen philanthropist. He set up the Roger Federer Foundation back in 2003 with a focus on raising money for children’s education in South Africa.

There are hundreds of facts but we can’t add them all. We’ll be here all day.

Roger Federer is the most deserving of men to win the accolades that he will undoubtedly receive from the sporting world. I’ll lay a bet that there is more success coming his way in 2018.

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