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Matched betting reload offers – What are they and how to use them

By Charles Hopewell     |     Last updated January 8, 2018

UK reload offers 2019

Matched betting reload offers. What are they and why are they so important for matched betting in 2018?

To understand what reload offers are, we first need to look at matched betting as a whole.

Matched betting, also known as double betting or back and lay betting, is a technique used by individuals to profit from bookmakers free bets and incentives.

This method is completely risk and tax free and is used by thousands of people across the UK.

Since the rise of the internet, the betting industry has experienced a major shift.

There is now more competition than ever and gaining and keeping business has become much harder for the bookies.

That’s why they offer free bets and promotions to incentivise bettors. There is a huge range of these offers available which matched bettors can make a guaranteed profit from on a daily basis.

However, one of the most common questions we hear from people when they are considering no risk matched betting is:

What do I do after the sign up offers?

Most people seem to understand you can make a lot of money from the sign up offers.

But once you’ve registered and made your profit, you can’t complete the offer again – how do you continue making money without free bets?

That’s where matched betting reload offers come in.

What are matched betting reload offers?

Reload offers are the ongoing promotions and bonuses the bookies use to incentivise existing customers.

A reload offer is any promotion that is open to current members – this excludes new members. There are a whole heap of reload offers available, which matched bettors profit from on a regular basis.

This is where the long term profit is made with no risk matched betting.

Ultimately, this makes matched betting a viable option to make a reliable second income online.

Whilst the sign up offers are great for beginners and provide the quickest bang for your buck, reload offers provide the longevity in matched betting.

How much can I make from reload offers?

If you consistently complete most, if not all the reload offers in a month, you’ll be able to make up to £1000.

Put in the hard work across a year and you’ll have an extra £12,000 tax free…

It’s no secret, matched betting reload offers are incredibly profitable, when done correctly.

Types of reload offer

Reload offers are available on a huge range of different events and markets from pretty much every online bookie.

Some of them are available each week in a free bet club, whilst others are more seasonal and are based around large sporting events.

At the time of writing, there is a lot of excitement building surrounding the 2018 Football World Cup. You can be sure there’ll be plenty of profit up for grabs during this tournament.

Below we’ll take a look at the huge range of different reload offers the bookies offer.

Basic free bets

By basic free bets, I’m referring to the common matched betting offer in which you place a qualifying bet and receive your free bet.

Most bookies love handing out these bonuses which are often linked to larger sporting events or games.

Bookies sometimes hand out extra winnings in the form of a free bet if certain eventualities occur – like your chosen team win both halves for example.

Free bets are one of the easiest and most common ways to make money from matched betting reload offers, so keep an eye out for these.

Free bet clubs

There are a number of bookies out there that offer free bet clubs.

Simply stake a given amount in one week and you’ll receive a free bet to use in the next week. You can usually qualify for these free bet clubs by completing other offers with the same bookie.

A win win!

The weekly free bets are often small, however, over a year they are very profitable when you consider how easy they are to complete.

Coral free bet club - The Sure BettorPrice boosts

Another popular promotion the bookies use are price boosts.

Sometimes the bookies will increase the price of a certain market in the aim of increasing betting activity

If the lay odds at a betting exchange are lower than the hiked back odds, you can make a profit instantly.

Price boosts are a very simple way to turn a profit with matched betting.

You should aim to make between £1 and £4 with each price boost.

There are plenty of price boosts available and the profit soon racks up.

Money back offers

Money back refunds are another common reload offer the bookies use to incentivise gamblers.

These are typically used on horse racing and football events.

If your horse comes 2nd in a race, the bookies may give you a refund.

By backing and laying one horse and hoping it comes in 2nd, you could potentially have a free bet to use which we can make a guaranteed profit from.

Many bookies offer refunds if you’re losing ‘first goalscorer’ bet scores second or scores at any point during a football game.

These refunds are typically a maximum of £25. Therefore, using our matched betting calculator we can make a guaranteed profit of about £20.

In-play offers

A number of reload offers are based around placing bets whilst a game is underway. For example, a bookie might give us a £10 free bet to use in-play when we stake £10 during another game.

It’s usually quite hard to find a good match between the back and lay odds as the odds will fluctuate quite a lot during a game.

That’s why we suggest you place your bets at half time.

Extra place offers

Extra place offers are a more advanced matched betting technique but are also incredibly profitable.

Sometimes the bookies pay out extra places in a horse race. For example, they could be paying out 5 places instead of the standard 4 places for a given race.

By backing and laying on the win and place markets, we can potentially make a great profit if our horse ends up in the extra place position (so 5th in this example).

Extra place offers are a great option for more experienced matched bettors and can be very profitable.

Keep an eye out for these reload offers at large horse racing events such as the Grand National and The Royal Ascot.

More matched betting reload offers

Obviously there are way more reload offers than we can list in this article but that covers the most common ones.

For access to all the latest matched betting reload offers why not join our brilliant matched betting community today.

We know you’ll love it here.

Reload offers terms and conditions

When you’re completing reload offers make sure you check the terms and conditions before you place any bets.

There’s usually important information hidden in the small print which is vital to matched betting success. Make sure you read this carefully. Don’t be the one who gets caught out.

The qualifying criteria sometimes includes a minimum and/or maximum stake amount and sometimes minimum and/or maximum odds.

As a premium member of The Sure Bettor, you’ll have access to all the latest offers along with all the required terms and conditions to complete the offer.

Making money from reload offers

We will not always make a guaranteed profit with reload offers, however, if the qualifying loss is small it’s worth taking the risk. Some offers can be incredibly profitable and help you on the way to making £1000 each month.

Finding the latest reload offers is a time consuming and manual process. That’s why it’s a great idea to use a matched betting service that does all these tasks for you.

Here at The Sure Bettor, we are always on the lookout for new offers for our members. We update these offers on a daily basis with tutorials guiding you through the whole process.

Why not try it out for yourself? It’s free to sign up.