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RebelBetting Review – Value Betting & Sure Betting Tested

RebelBetting review

Welcome to our RebelBetting review! Below we have our verdict followed by a quick two-minute review for those with less time on their hands. Further down you’ll find a deep dive, discussing the minutiae of the RebelBetting products. Now let’s get started with the RebelBetting review!

Our Verdict

4.5 out of 5

RebelBetting are a top sports betting website to use in 2022. They provide fantastic feature products that are simple and easy to use. Best of all, they work! If you want to treat your betting like an investment and make a consistent and sustainable profit from your sports bets then RebelBetting is the place for you.

Great customer service
Great value for money
Profit guarantee
Proven yield of over 3% per bet on average
No native mobile app, however the website is optimised for mobile usage

Bookies may eventually catch on and restrict accounts when using these techniques

Two-minute RebelBetting review

Let’s get started with our RebelBetting review!

The RebelBetting website provides an uncluttered and aesthetic user interface. It is simple and easy to use with separate sections for their prime services, value betting and sure betting.

Their value betting service presents users with bets that are overpriced. Users can take advantage of these valuable odds and beat the bookies. Of course, you won’t win every bet, but with value betting over time you will tip the balance in your favour.

On the other hand, the sure bet service does what it says. It provides bets where you cannot lose, also called arbitrage betting. In essence, you bet on all outcomes in a match and make a profit no matter the results.

What is sure betting?

Once you have started a subscription it does not take long to understand how the software works. The potential bets are very easy to see and can be sorted by many different parameters, enabling you to find the bets that are the best fit for you. From here you choose the bets you want to place and links are provided that send you directly to the sportsbook providing the odds.

RebelBetting has 10+ years of experience and with that a huge amount of data and information about the success of the service they provide. The result is incredible, they know that their service works. Their profit guarantee ensures that they carry the risk, if you don’t win, you get another month for free. Again and again until you profit.

There is a great community and FAQ section where members can either ask or find answers to questions and help each other out. The customer service and contact us section is also great, allowing users to get in touch easily.

Just listen to what some of their users say about the site.

RebelBetting reviews
RebelBetting reviews
Source: TrustPilot

RebelBetting in depth review

If you’re looking for more information about the value betting or sure betting services offered then read on for our in depth RebelBetting review.

RebelBetting offers their users one of the best pre-match arbitrage betting services there is. With their fantastic value betting & sure betting products it makes it simple and easy for bettors to profit from their bets.

RebelBetting sees betting as an investment. Its aim is to help the everyday bettor find and exploit odds that are beneficial to them. Either by taking advantage of high value odds, or by uncovering odds that lead to sure bets (where the bettor can’t lose!).

They are so sure that their products work they even offer a profit guarantee, meaning that if you don’t turn a profit in your first month you’ll get another month of the service for free.

Start you free trial now and see how easy it is to start turning a profit!

RebelBetting free trial

Value betting and sure betting can come across as being fairly complicated and involved processes. However, RebelBetting provide high quality and in depth manuals for each to help newcomers get to grips with the process. They really want their users to be as successful as possible.

Markets and Bookmakers

Before we get into it, it’s important to think about what markets RebelBetting suggests bets on, and which bookmakers they scan for the best odds. We’re not all experts in every market, and we don’t have accounts at every single bookie, so it’s crucial that your favourite markets and favoured bookies are available.


  • Football
  • American football
  • Horse racing
  • ESports
  • Tennis
  • Rugby union & league
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • AussieRules
  • Basketball
  • etc.


  • Bet365
  • Skybet
  • Coral
  • WilliamHill
  • Betway
  • AsianConnect
  • Betfair
  • Ladbrokes
  • 188Bet
  • Pinnacle
  • etc.

This shows some of the main markets and bookmakers available. In reality RebelBetting supports over 90 different bookmakers as well as exchanges and brokers, an exhaustive list can be found here.

RebelBetting Value Betting

Value betting is where you take advantage of overpriced odds that do not represent the true probabilities of the results of an event. RebelBetting have an algorithm working in the background working out the true value of odds.

This software then scans a vast range of odds on bookmakers websites and looks for where the bookies odds vary from the true odds. In fact, they look through data on over 90 different bookmakers websites.

When a pair of divergent odds are discovered this is where users can make a profit. Potential value bets are shown in an aesthetic and easy to understand way as seen below.

Value betting

You can see that RebelBetting even work out the most appropriate stake for you using certain parameters. Users can click on the bet button and will be taken directly to the correct market on the bookies website.

Users can then log the bet and it will be added to their tracker where users can follow their earnings over time.

Value betting subscriptions

RebelBetting offer two levels of subscription for their value betting service, starter and pro.

Starter is of course the perfect subscription to take advantage of if you’re new to value betting. It offers far less features, but allows you to grasp an understanding of how it all works. Something that’s key if you want to go on and conquer the pro offering.

The Pro subscription unleashes the full potential of the RebelBetting software. Allowing users to place a greater number of bets and exploit the highest value bets. It also includes odds from more sources than the starter subscription, increasing the overall amount of value bets available to users.

Starter – £79/month

The starter version comes in at £79 per month. Not bad if you’re just looking to start slow and learn the basics.

Pro – £149/month

The Pro version is great value at less than double the price of starter, for far greater features.

Remember though you can get a 14 day Free value betting trial. Similarly, if you think these prices seem high, remember that RebelBetting offer a profit guarantee. If you don’t make any money then you don’t have to pay.

RebelBetting Sure Betting

With value betting there is still the opportunity for you to lose a bet. Whilst in the long run you will win more often than not, and over time will build your cash balance, you will still lose bets from time to time.

With sure betting, you do not need to worry about this. This system ensures that you win each and every bet. Effectively, you account for every possibility in the match, and still come out with a profit.

If it were easy to find bets like this, we’d all be doing it, and the bookies would be out of pocket. Matches where the odds can be exploited like this are rare, and that’s where RebelBetting comes in.

Their software sifts through vast amounts of information, searching through odds on different bookies, brokers and exchanges for these sure bets. As with value betting, the system is scanning odds from over 90 different bookmakers.

Importantly, RebelBetting strongly recommends that sure betting users make an account at Pinnacle, as this will allow you to take advantage of the most sure bets.

The user interface is much the same as for value betting and just as easy to use.

RebelBetting sure betting

Sure betting is a bit more involved than value betting. Users must place multiple bets (back and lay bets) but don’t shy away from it. Once you know what you’re dong it’s an absolute walk in the park.

Plus, RebelBetting have dedicated manuals and support pages to help you understand the concept, as well as the fantastic community where you can ask questions or find answers to your most pressing questions.

Sure betting subscriptions

The sure betting subscription plans work in exactly the same as their counterparts for value betting. There is a starter subscription and a pro subscription.

The starter subscription is ideal for beginners who don’t want to pay the full amount whilst they’re learning. Once you know what you’re doing however, there’s virtually no reason to not go for the pro account.

The pro subscription unlocks the full earnings potential of the RebelBetting sure betting software. You’ll be able to see potential sure bets including odds from extra sources. As well as being able to access sure bets with a yield over 3.5%.

Ultimately, once you know what you’re doing, if you want to make the most amount of money then you’ll definitely want to go for a pro account.

Here’s how the prices stack up.

Starter – £79/month

The sure betting starter subscription will cost you £79 per month. Great for learning the ropes while still providing users with vast earnings potential.

Pro – £149/month

The sure betting pro subscription with full features comes in at £149/month. This subscription unlocks maximum earnings potential for users.

If you’re looking to try RebelBetting and their services out, don’t forget you have access to a 14 day free trial for sure betting.

Customer service and accessibility

It is very easy to navigate to the contact us section on the website and put in a request for information. However, this is not always necessary.

It is likely that your customer service questions will already be answered in either one of the manuals, or in the huge community section.

The community is very active with multiple fresh question and queries each day. You can search by category and tags to find answers that are important to you.

There is also a blog section on the site, updating users with information about news on sure betting and value betting, as well as special offers, new products and in-depth articles on how to become more profitable.

Payment types

Payment is accepted either by credit/debit card, or via skrill.

Mobile compatibility

One area that is currently lacking for RebelBetting is their mobile compatibility.

More often than not most things done online can also be done via a smartphone or tablet with apps that allow seamless integration. Unfortunately at present there is no RebelBetting smartphone application available.

Whilst they don’t offer a native app just yet, the website is optimised for mobile users and their interface provides a nice experience on both mobile and desktop.

In any case, we suggest that you access RebelBetting via desktop as it will help to ensure you keep mistakes to a minimum!

RebelBetting review summary

RebelBetting review

RebelBetting have developed some fantastic software that is incredible at finding value bets and sure bets. Yet, they have also accomplished the even trickier task of making it simple and easy for the user to take advantage of these bets.

The bets are highlighted to the user in a way that reduces complexity and leaves them with very little to do to take their profit.

We think that RebelBetting is a fantastic platform for those that want to turn their betting into something more profitable. It is not just a gimmick and real money can be made from using their products.

Thanks for reading our RebelBetting review!