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Why PSG are Being Investigated by UEFA

The transfer window has closed on what was a very expensive summer for the French club PSG. Having completed the world record signing of Neymar for £198 million their recent transfer activity has led to an investigation by UEFA. Since the world record signing, questions have been asked over whether PSG are breaking financial fair play rules (FFP)

In 2013 UEFA brought in new procedures regarding financial fair play break even rules. The main concept was that teams could only spend 30 million euros more than they had earned over three years.

According to data published by Deloitte, PSG had revenue of 520.9 million euros over the last financial year with a profit of 10 million euros. In the recent transfer market the Ligue 1 team only brought in £51 million through selling players.

Along with the huge figure that they paid for Neymar, PSG are highly likely to buy Kylian Mbappe for £165.7m next year once he’s finished his loan period at the club.

A statement from UEFA said that the investigation would ‘focus on the compliance of the club with the break-even requirement, particularly in light of its recent transfer activity.’

‘UEFA considers financial fair play to be a crucial governance mechanism which aims to ensure the financial sustainability of European club football.’

It seems PSG are doing everything they can to get around the financial fair play rules. However the club are adamant that they’ve cooperated with UEFA with regards to the transfer of players.

In 2013, PSG were investigated for breaking FFP rules. This resulted in them being forced to pay a fine, receiving a spending cap and only being allowed to register 21 players for the 2014 Champions League. How the club get around their most recent transgression, we’ll have to wait and see.

UEFA brought in the financial fair play rules to level the playing field in terms of what teams can spend. PSG are backed by the state of Qatar, raising questions over how they afford their players. The amount of money in football is arguably already out of hand and a lot of the clubs are probably finding loopholes to get around FFP rules.

Man City also in Trouble?

Man City are another team that have spent 100s of millions this summer. The Spanish league were not happy with how Man City were affording their players and had called for the English club to be investigated by UEFA. Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, said ‘funding by state-aid distorts European competitions and creates an inflationary spiral that is irreparably harming the football industry.’

However UEFA released a statement yesterday saying ‘There is no investigation into Manchester City with regards to FFP regulations. Any reports mentioning such an investigation are unsubstantiated.’

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