How to profit with VOdds sports trading platform?

If you’re a professional bettor, your betting routine definitely includes comparing odds from various bookies and looking for the best one to earn more profits.

Fortunately, VOdds sports trading platform offers instant access to a wide range of bookmakers, making it the ideal betting tool for all types of bettors out there. With competitive odds, high limits and great prices, you will definitely get your money’s worth here.

So, to help you get started here’s a quick overview of how you can earn more with VOdds.

VOdds overview

VOdds is a relatively new sportsbooks aggregator in the betting market. However, they are already popular for offering competitive odds and prices, especially in the Asian handicap market.

Despite being new in the betting scene, VOdds offer remarkable features that will make you want to bet with them.

Platform features

VOdds offers a tour around its platform. It’s pretty easy to navigate your way through it but they will also walk you through the necessary steps in case you get confused.

The platform isn’t like the usual ones you see in other bookies or aggregators though but it’s very user-friendly and straightforward.

On top of that, here are some of the unique features you can utilise to maximise your profits.

Positional order

Positional Order betting is one of their forefront features since it gives you the pass to lock-in your wins.

This type of betting allows you to have the option of betting on both teams to guarantee that you will still earn profits regardless of whichever team wins a match.

Basically, positional order betting reduces your risk of losing. This feature is great whether you’re a mug punter or a professional bettor.

Sports trading API

If you’re not aware what a sports trading API is, it’s a software that allows users to integrate computerised strategies on their platform and automate their trading to develop their own product.

The VOdds API is ideal for those who usually do high-frequency trading since it has high-liquidity and low-latency features. It’s also regarded as the fastest betting software that caters to live odds and bets.

On top of that, you can also take advantage of its speed and accuracy in acquiring information, data management, real-time access to great prices, and its automation.


One of the features that stood out was their trading resources. Not a lot of sports trading platforms give tips, guides, and other interesting betting features.

With VOdds, not only will you get your money’s worth, but their blog content will also give you lots of really good insights into the world of betting.

On top of that, their blog also includes features on entertaining articles and info about everything related to sports betting.


VOdds is still a bit new in the betting scene so it only has a handful of sports and betting markets available.

As of now, they only offer football, tennis and basketball as well as Asian handicap, Asian Total Goals, 1X2, Corners, and Individual Team Goals for their markets.


VOdds has been making a name and establishing its reputation in becoming one of the most reliable sportsbooks aggregators in the market.

Though there are still several things VOdds can improve on, there’s no doubt that they offer great odds and one of the best customer services. You really have to try it out for yourself!