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Prime minister betting – Latest odds on PM to succeed Boris Johnson

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With the UK political world in a state of turmoil, prime minister betting is hotting up and the odds are changing all the time.

With Borris Johnson kicking out MPs who don’t vote with the Government, relationships within the Conservative party are becoming agitated.

How long can Borris Johnson stay in charge of the sinking ship or will he manage to turn it around?

Here’s a look at who the bookies think will replace Boris Johnson as PM.

Prime minister betting

  • Jeremy Corbyn – 2/1
  • Ken Clarke – 12/1
  • Jo Swinson – 16/1
  • Keir Starmer – 16/1

Borris Johnson out already?

The bookies predict Johnson is likely to be replaced before the year’s out with Ladbrokes offering odds of 6/4 that this will happen.

Despite taking over from Theresa May only 42 days ago, Borris has already lost support from a lot of his own party and other MPs in the House of Commons.

Johnson has also lost a number of key votes that may prove pivotal in the coming months.

So does this make way for Jeremy Corbyn?

Some bookies certainly think so.

Ladbrokes are offering odds of 5/2 on Borris Johnson being the shortest serving UK Prime Minister. This currently stands at 119 days set by George Canning before he died in office.

If Boris Johnson still gets his way, we’ll have a general election very soon meaning we could have a new prime minister the following day.

What about Jeremy Corbyn?

At odds of 2/1 to succeed Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn is the most likely out of all the other candidates.

He’s openly stated he wants a general election. However, he voted against it yesterday as he wants a no-deal Brexit off the table before going to the polls.

Other members of the Labour party are unsure about the timing of the election and whether they have the right leader in Jeremy Corbyn after poor results in recent opinion polls.

Ken Clarke – 12/1

The longest serving male MP, Ken Clarke is another favourite to take over from Boris Johnson. Clarke recently said he wouldn’t rule out becoming prime minister if it was the only way to stop a no-deal Brexit.

At 79 he would likely head up a temporary government and command respect from MPs.

Having run for Conservative leader three times before, Clarke knows what’s required to make it at the top. His

Jo Swinson – 16/1

The current Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson is also in the running. However, the Lib Dems are unlikely to win a majority in the next election despite their resurgence since 2015.

However, you can’t rule anything out and with opinion polls showing results that haven’t been seen in over 10 years, it’s all to play for.

Keir Starmer – 16/1

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer is also in the running for next prime minister. However, the odds at the time of writing are quite long on this happening.

The Labour MP has clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over when the best time for a general election is. I doubt Starmer will be the next prime minister to succeed Boris Johnson.

Prime minister betting summary

Prime minister betting is always exciting and in the modern world, surprise results can be thrown up meaning there’s always a chance for profit.

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