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Is the Premier League a Tough League to Bet On?

The Premier League is certainly one of the biggest football leagues in the world, both in terms of stature and the amount of people who bet on it. But how easy or hard is it to bet on?

There is no doubt that we have a lot of top quality teams in the league, but how easy is predicting the results?

The Premier League winner odds from Betfair show that Manchester City are the -127 favourites, with big names such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United in behind them. This shows the depth of competition at the very top as these are some of the biggest names in the world.

There are many Premier League tips to follow when games take place, which can assist with picking your selections, and there are plenty of punters who use tips regularly. With or without tips, is this league an easy one, or a hard one to crack?

Can Any Team Beat Any Other?

One of the best aspects of the Premier League is that apart from a couple of exceptions, any team can beat any other in a one-off match. There are games where this is almost impossible, but if you need a reminder that anything can happen in this league, just think back to 2016 when Leicester won the league title to shock us all.

There have been instances where we have seen one-off upsets too. If you look back to last season, there were many of these, for example when Crystal Palace won 3-1 at Manchester United to shock the home crowd. An even more recent example is United’s 4-1 loss to Watford that saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer receive the sack.

How Does the Number of Games Affect Things?

This is the case especially at the top of the league, those who are involved with Europe and get past the first few rounds of the domestic cups will find themselves playing 50+ games in a season, potentially 60 if they get to a final or two.

That is a lot to handle, and for this reason, teams need to have a squad and rotate players at every possible opportunity. This is not going to happen in the big games, so it will happen when they are facing lower opponents, the type they should beat easily.

However, with players from the first team sitting out, this makes the games a lot more even and allows the lower teams a chance to pick up what would be a shock win.

Premier League Funding

One of the reasons why lower clubs in the Premier League have a chance of winning is because they are financially well rewarded for their participation in the league. It is not uncommon for teams in the bottom half of the league to spend £50 million or more in the off-season, money they have earned by being in the Premier League and are now reinvesting.

The Championship playoff final is reported to be worth over $200 million for the club that makes it to the Premier League. This gives teams a great start to life in the top flight, allowing them to compete from the very start, even with some of the biggest names in the world.

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