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What are the most popular games for esports betting?

You may have heard of the term “esports” already. Many people are already familiar with the term itself, but still confuse esports with virtual sports.

Whilst virtual sports is just the same sports in real life but just as a computer-controlled environment and graphics, esports are video games that are being played on a professional level. It doesn’t need to be a game based on an actual sport, all it takes is the ability to play it competitively.

While you may go to sites like Betenemy for recommendations on sports betting apps, here you can learn about esports and which games are the most popular not only for the players and fans but also to esports bettors!

Most popular esports games to bet on

Not every video game can be played professionally as an esport, but here are some of the most popular games that are being played on a professional level, and where bets are being wagered on.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveobal Offensive

CS: GO is the fourth game in the entire Counter-Strike series. Similar to its predecessors, the game’s objective is pretty straightforward: fight in a strategic shoot-out to see who will win, the terrorists, or the counter-terrorists. Many people consider CS: GO as one of the most popular esports games as even non-gamers can easily understand the mechanics and gameplay system of the game.

Aside from which team would win, other betting ways for CS: GO include the winning team for each round on each map, the number of kills of the winning team, and many more.

League of Legends

League of Legends was first released in 20009. However, although it has been around for such a long time already, the games yet to see a significant decline in playership0 and the interest of players, it continues to be one of the main competitive esports games in the world.

In LoL, two teams of five players fight using their “champions” to take over and destroy the base of the enemy, called “Nexus.”

Ways to bet can include the team to draw first blood (first kill in the game), the first team to take down an enemy tower, and the first team to reach ten overall kills.


Another MOBA game, DoTA 2 follows the same mechanics. In this game, players take control of their “heroes.” The main objective is to destroy the base of the enemy called “Ancient.” This is where the name “Defense of the Ancients” came from, as players are technically defending their respective Ancients.

Betting on DoTA 2 is similar in betting on LoL.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG, is a battle royale shooter game wherein up to 100 players get thrown into a map, parachuting down from a plane. Players start with nothing, and they need to work their way by scavenging for armor, weapons, and other useful items. The game’s goal is simple–be the last man or squad standing, and you get to have the “chicken dinner.”

Ways on betting on PUBG can include winning squad, kill count of winning squad, and MVP kill count, among others.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is another MOBA game, but specifically made for smartphones–thus its namesake. In this game, two teams of vie players fight to be the first to destroy the enemy base. Players take control; of heroes that they can level up and upgrade using in-game items. The main objective is the enemy “base,” while players must also take down enemy “turrets” first.

Ways to bet on Mobile Legends may include the winning team, the team with most kills, the team drawing first blood, the first team to destroy a turret, or the total kill count for both teams.