Why you should open multiple bookmaker accounts in 2020

Bookmakers and betting exchanges act as the basis of any betting strategy in 2020. But if one betting site doesn’t have what you’re looking for, should you open multiple accounts?

In short, yes I recommend you do.

In this article, we’ll take a look at several reasons why I recommend you open multiple bookmaker accounts to get the most out of your betting strategy.

Let’s dive in.

Reasons for opening multiple bookmaker accounts

Here are some key reasons why you should open multiple betting accounts in 2020:

  • Access to more free bets & promotions
  • Best value odds
  • Range of betting features
  • Minimise account restrictions
  • Better range of markets

Let’s check out each of these in more detail.

Access to more free bets & promotions

One of the great things about the betting industry from a punters point of view is the huge range of bookmakers free bets and promotions available.

This is one industry where welcome offers and bonuses are incredibly worthwhile and can be very valuable especially if you’re using strategies such as matched betting.

You can make a guaranteed profit from bookmakers free bets. For more information check out OddsMonkey.

Most online bookmakers offer some form of incentive whether that’s a free bet, a matched deposit or boosted odds.

Here’s a great example from Betdaq.

Betdaq signup offer

They offer new customers a £10 free bet when they sign up and bet £10. You can access this bonus by clicking the link below and using the code ‘BDQ10’.

At the time of writing this article, there is £100s in promotions waiting for you to take advantage of. But if you just open one bookmaker account, you won’t be able to access the value of all these free bets.

Free bets for existing customers

Whilst the majority of bookmakers offer promotions to new customers to incentivise them to sign up, many betting sites do the same for existing customers.

Once you’re registered the bookies want you to keep betting. So they incentivise you with ongoing promotions which we call reload offers.

Free bets in matched betting

You’ll often find reload offers available on large sporting events like the Premier League and Cheltenham for example.

Overall, signing up with multiple bookmakers to access the huge range of free bets is certainly something I recommend.

Not sure which bookmakers to sign up with? Check out this article.

Best value odds

Another reason I recommend you sign up to multiple betting sites is to access the best value odds. It’s that important, this is one of our top football betting tips.

No matter what market you’re betting on, I recommend you always choose the bookmaker with the best odds.

This allows you to maximise your potential profit from a winning bet. To do this, you need accounts with a wide range of bookmakers.

How do you find the best value odds?

You’re probably wondering how you go about finding the best value odds in the industry especially when there are so many bookmakers around in 2020.

There are two methods you can use, both of which are incredibly easy.

If you need to place a bet at one of less than five bookmakers, I recommend you check the odds manually at each bookmaker.

Navigate to the correct market in each betting site and compare the odds against other bookmakers.

If you’re happy to place your bet at a wide range of bookmakers, it’s more difficult to do this manually. Instead, I recommend you use a website to help you.

I like using OddsChecker. Their website is incredibly easy to use and the odds are always up to date.

Use OddsChecker

Once you get to the OddsChecker website, simply enter your desired market and the website does all the hard work for you.

It even highlights the best value odds. You can then place your bets from within OddsChecker or head to the bookmaker website directly.

Overall, placing bets with the highest value odds is vital if you want to maximise your profit in 2020 which is another great reason to open multiple bookmaker accounts.

Range of betting features

No two bookmakers are the same. Each site has a unique selling point. In particular, bookies often have different betting features available.

For example, 888sport has just created a new betting feature called live heat maps which can be used when betting in-play on football.

888sport - live heat map

It’s these kinds of features that differentiate bookmakers in 2020. If you like certain features at various betting sites, you’ll need to open multiple accounts.

As I mentioned earlier, no one bookmaker has it all.

Minimise account restrictions

This one is more a precautionary measure than anything else.

The bookmakers are in business to make a profit. Therefore, they don’t want customers continually winning.

You may have heard of bookmakers restricting or even banning punter’s accounts that win too much. This is called gubbing.

If you win all the time, that’s great. Your betting strategy is working. However, if possible it’s better to win at a range of bookmakers rather than just one.

That way, bookmakers are less likely to restrict or ban your betting accounts. For that reason, it’s a great idea to have accounts with more than one bookmaker.

Better range of markets

For a similar reason to the point above, it’s great to have multiple bookmakers so you can access a wide range of markets.

If you’re betting on major sports like football, horse racing and tennis you won’t have a problem with markets.

But if you’re looking for more niche markets like winter sports or chess, you’ll need to use a select few bookmakers.

Chess betting

This is also the case for up and coming betting websites which are steadily building their markets.

Betting sites all have their niche. Some may focus on American sports whereas others may focus just on just football betting.

With a range of bookmaker accounts, you’ll have access to more betting categories and markets.

Creating multiple accounts with one bookmaker

One question we get asked a lot is whether you can open more than one account with the same bookmaker.

This has its benefits in that you can take advantage of a welcome offer more than once. However, this is called gnoming and is strictly against bookmakers terms and conditions.

If the bookies find out you have more than one account open, they will undoubtedly suspend or even terminate your account.

This is not what you want. You need as many bookmaker accounts as open as possible. I’ll leave the ultimate decision with you but I don’t recommend you use this strategy.

Opening multiple bookmaker accounts

Once you’ve opened an account with one bookmaker, you simply need to repeat the process with other betting websites. It’s that simple.

Overall, you can see there are several reasons why I recommend you sign up with more than one bookmaker account.

  • Access to more free bets and promotions
  • Best value odds
  • Range of betting features
  • Minimise account restrictions
  • Better range of markets

If you’re unsure which bookmakers you should open accounts with, why not check out our best bookmaker article here.

With so many online betting sites available in the UK, I thoroughly recommend you test out different platforms and see what’s out there.