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Online Casino Strategies that actually work

The words strategy and casino aren’t usually found in the same sentence. At least not to gamblers in the know, who realise how casinos make their money. In fact, it’s fair to say that playing some online casino games is akin to throwing your money into a hole.

Having said that, there are some legitimate tactics you can use to improve your overall returns. By using the below strategies, you should be better equipped to take on the digital house at your next online casino visit.

Steer away from the slots

Slot games look appealing on the surface. They are quick, give instant results – and the prizes can be quite insane.

However, this is the money hole we spoke about earlier. Unless you are incredibly lucky, your bankroll will just slowly whittle away spin after spin. If you are committed to playing slots, choose games with high RTPs at the very least.

Choose La Partage Roulette

European Roulette is popular for its 2.70% house edge and gripping gameplay. It’s also a more player-friendly version compared to its American counterpart, which doubles the house edge. Single Zero roulette, as it is also known, is also a great choice for a red/black betting strategy.

The La Partage rule makes this strategy work even better. If the ball lands in a zero pocket on a red/black bet – half of your stake is returned. This grinds down the house edge to just 1.5%.

Use a strategy chart when playing Blackjack

Blackjack offers one of the lowest house edges of any online casino game. Certain deck and rule combinations can result in an advantage of just 0.28%. To achieve this kind of return, you will need to play the game flawlessly.

But you can cheat a little and use a strategy chart at hundreds of online casinos. This will show you the ideal plays for hand combinations. Just make sure you have selected the correct chart for the game you are playing.

Bet smart, Be Responsible

Responsible gambling is a must if you want to enjoy your time playing online games. This means having some self-discipline and only betting with what you can afford.

That also means not gambling with a negative mindset. This can lead to chasing losses – or making bad decisions. If you are feeling negative about your online gambling, then it might be time to seek some help.