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Why online bingo is more social than you think

Bingo is an activity associated with retirees, halls of silent people, and large markers. Likely everyone has tried it at one point or another or is close to someone that’s a regular player. It is an activity that people indulge in not for the pursuit of prizes, but due to its social nature.

The simplicity of the game makes it incredibly easy for new players to pick up and learn, unlike more restrictive forms of gambling where you need to learn complex strategy or understand the staking terminology, this game can be played by anyone of any age.

A game that has endured decades of popularity due to its ability to bring people together. Thus, it should come as no surprise that its digital variant can do the same.

In recent years, online gambling is hitting peaks that few expected. Industry revenues are sky-rocketing, as estimates say that the sector’s annual figures should hit $127 billion by 2027.

While online casinos and sports betting platforms are leading the charge, bingo is playing its part, representing around 3%-5% of the market.

In 2020, sites noticed a significant increase in player sign-ups, as bingo seems to be more in-demand than ever, even though traditional bingo revenue numbers have been going down in the UK since 2010.

What’s most surprising is that more than 45% of players are below 30-years-old. Thus, the variety of these platforms, their bonuses, and the convenience aspect have done their part to attract younger demographics.

However, what most should not neglect to mention is that playing online can be far more social than doing the same in real life, trapped in a hall, looking down at a piece of paper.

Make friends in the chat room

As mentioned, silence is a component of any bingo game. You have to be able to hear the numbers to mark them on your ticket and track your progress. Nonetheless, when playing on the internet, this is no longer a requirement as the software makes sure you do not miss a thing.

As you look at your desktop, tablet, or mobile screen, you can have music in the background and converse with those around you. Even more, you can make acquaintances in the site’s chat room.

Gone are the days of internet rooms and IRC channels. You no longer have to search out those that have similar interests. Today, you can find them while engaging in the activity you love. Almost all bingo sites offer interaction options.

So, by default, you have access to people with the same hobby. You can break the ice with a bingo-related discourse and then move on to other things. You can laugh or talk about politics with strangers or individuals that you may grow to call friends. There also may be promotions, such as quizzes in these chat rooms, that can lead to prizes.

Naturally, always take precautions and do not reveal too many personal details because you never know who is on the other end.

Organise a virtual bingo night

Though, what if you’re an introvert, not a good conversation starter, or someone who doesn’t bond with others. What if part of your bingo enjoyment is playing the game with those you care about and love.

Well, nowadays, you can do that from home, without anyone having to leave their abode. You can post on social media, asking if anyone is interested in joining your virtual bingo night. You can even make a cool hashtag to brand the event, such as #VirtualBingoParty.

All you have to do is pick a site where you’ll host the party, share the link, and make sure that everyone registers and is there on time. Before you do that, locate a video-call software that can connect multiple users. Zoom is a popular option, but Discord, Houseparty, and ooVoo will do as well.

Perhaps, you can appoint someone to call out the numbers. Sure, you can see them on screen, but it’s more fun if there’s an appointed official, someone that can add humor to the event.

If you don’t want to see or hear each other, you can chat via Facebook Messenger. There are all kinds of ways that you can make this into a fun social event for everyone involved.  

Have people over and play together

Instead of talking over the internet, some people choose to invite one or two close friends over, and everyone chips in some loose change to fund a night of online bingo entertainment.

Of course, the host provides the snacks, drinks, and sets everything up for a few hours filled with banter and excitement.

It is always terrific to have a reason to hang out, an activity that’s there to stifle awkward pauses and inspire discussions. By playing together with friends in front of your computer, you can talk about whatever you desire, and perhaps experience the rush of landing a winning pattern.

Feeling a rush and earning a prize with friends can be a tremendous bonding experience, which is why people engage in these online bingo nights.