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Betting on second referendum in the UK – British politics betting

Odds on second referendum in the UK. Recently, bookmakers have been slashing their odds on a second EU referendum as the pressure mounts on the prime minister to give the public a second chance.


It’s getting rather annoying and somewhat repetitive if you ask me…

It’s all that seems to be on the news and it’s getting rather boring.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, so we’re being told…

That’s especially true if you listen to The Guardian’s advice and start stockpiling your food and medicine for the fateful day of 29 March, 2019!

Stockpiling food for Brexit

Get this, we now even have a cabinet minister just for stockpiling food. I’m sure that sets your mind at ease.

This news left people worried about their flights to Europe in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

All in all, the EU referendum has caused a complete mess in the UK.

But let’s make things more interesting by checking out the latest odds on a second referendum.

Is a second referendum likely?

More recently, the question of whether a second referendum is likely seems to be coming to the forefront. You may have seen the huge march in central London that took place last weekend.

There was a huge turnout with over 700,000 people marching through the streets of London backing a second referendum before the UK is set to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.

There was a huge mix of people there, from young students to older individuals.

Having said that, Theresa May has continuously stated her refusal for a second referendum. She says the public chose to leave the EU and we must honour that decision.

Other politicians like Sadiq Khan (the London mayor) are backing a second referendum saying the UK will be much stronger staying in the EU.

But, what are the bookies saying?

Odds of a second referendum

So what are the odds of a second referendum in the UK?

Shorter than you might think…

Recently, the bookies have decided this outcome is becoming increasingly likely.

Here’s what some of the top bookies are pricing a second referendum at.

1. Paddypower

Odds on Another EU In/Out Referendum before end 2019

Priced at 9/4 or 3.25 in decimal odds.

At the start of September 2018, PaddyPower published an article stating they had slashed the odds for a second EU referendum before April 1st 2019.

Since then, the odds have further tumbled as more pressure is piled on the prime minister to consider a second chance for the UK public.

Paddy Power, never ones to shy away from controversial marketing strategies are a great bookie to bet on a second EU referendum.

Paddy power also have other Brexit specials including:

  • Theresa May still to be PM on April 1st 2019 @ 4/11 or 1.36
  • BoJo (Boris Johnson) to be next Prime Minister @ 6/1 or 7.0

2. Ladbrokes

Whilst Ladbrokes don’t currently have any odds on a second referendum, they’ve still got some great Brexit specials:

Next cabinet minister to Leave – Theresa May priced @ 4/1 or 5.0

Boris Johnson to be PM by end of 2018 @ 20/1 or 21.0

3. Betfair

What odds on a second referendum are Betfair offering on their betting exchange?

EU Referendum before 2020?

Yes @ 3.75
No @ 1.35

Here’s another Brexit special that Betfair are offering on their exchange:

First to Happen – Brexit/May to Leave?

May to leave office of PM @ 2.04

The UK to leave the EU @ 1.68

4. William Hill

Last and not least, what are William Hill offering in terms of a second EU referendum?

Will there be another EU referendum in the UK by the end of 2020? – Yes @ 5/4 or 2.25.

In other Brexit specials William Hill are pricing Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister @ 5/1 or 6.0 – similar to what Paddy Power are offering.

Will there be a second EU referendum?

One thing’s for sure, the next few months and into 2019 are going to be interesting. The odds are fairly stable at the minute, however with more and more pressure the odds on a second referendum will likely drop.

Interestingly, according to, over 63% of people are betting on a second referendum to happen with the remaining 37% betting it won’t happen.

I would certainly be backing a second EU referendum.

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