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No deposit casino bonuses – How do they work in 2020?

If you are new to online betting, more specifically in the world of online casino gaming, you may have heard of the phrase “no deposit bonus” being advertised to you.

After all, no deposit bonuses are among the most popular methods of an online casino to attract new players to their site or app. On the surface, a no deposit bonus seems to be a really attractive offer for a newbie.

You do not get to spend any money, yet you will be able to play and have the chance to win real money. How generous. You may think that the online casino you have chosen must be crazy rich to be able to afford to give away free credits and free money without any money coming into their pockets. However, no deposit bonuses do not work as simple as that.

While you can read and discover the best betting apps and sites on review sites like Nostrabet, here you will learn the different kinds of no deposit bonuses, how each of them works, and why it is important to know the fine print of every and all bonuses that you are getting from an online casino.

What are the types of no deposit bonuses?

Online casino apps and sites may sometimes get extra creative and advertise a no deposit bonus in various ways, but it all comes down to three different types: a no deposit cash bonus, a free play bonus, and free spins.

Let us discuss each type of no deposit bonus deeper.

No deposit cash bonuses

A no deposit cash bonus is a fixed amount of money awarded to your in-game wallet once you sign up. It can go from $5 to $10 up to sometimes, as much as $100.

It would be best if you always remembered that this no deposit cash bonus is not available for you to withdraw, and is only used to play games in the online casino. Depending on the online casino, you can sometimes use the bonus money to play in all games or select games only.

No deposit free play bonuses

A no deposit free play bonus is often given in huge amounts of money to your in-game wallet. Unlike a no deposit cash bonus, a free play bonus is bigger in amount, but it also differs in the conditions you need to take note of.

A free play bonus, which can go from $1000 to $2000 worth, is only available for a limited time. Imagine this scenario: you get awarded a free play bonus worth $1000.

While that looks like a huge amount of money, it can only be used to play games for the next hour. After you play for one hour, only any amount in excess of the original bonus amount can be withdrawn as your winnings. 

No deposit free spins

Free spins are quite simple and straightforward. You get awarded a specific number of free spins that you can use in online slots. Depending on the online casino, these free spins can be used on all slot games or only on selected few.

Why it’s important to read the small print

As with all offers, there is also a catch when you get no deposit bonuses. This is why it is important to always read the small print of the bonuses you are getting, no matter the type.

One of these conditions is the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement refers to the times you need to play using the free plays or spins awarded to you (and later on including any winnings) before you can unlock any winnings you got from it.

For example, a $10 cash bonus or 20 free spins may have a wagering requirement of 40. This means that you need to play up to 40 times before you can get your winnings credited to your account and be accessible.