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NFL betting strategies – Guide to profit from football wagers today

As sports betting continues to grow in the US, more and more Americans are looking to place wagers on events like the NFL.

Unfortunately, the majority of players will lose a lot of money at the sportsbooks. However, using our brilliant NFL betting strategies, you should be in a great position to maximize your income from NFL wagers.

In this article, we’ll check out a number of tips and strategies you can use to win more NFL bets in 2020 and beyond.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Popularity of NFL

You don’t need me to tell you that the NFL is by far the most popular sport in the US. On average, a massive 16.7 million fans tune it to watch NFL games during the regular season. The Super Bowl alone is watched by nearly 100 million fans around the world.

NFL popularity

Whilst watching the NFL is incredibly popular, it’s also a great sport for bettors to place a wager or two. The NFL is certainly the most bet on sport in the US.

But as I mentioned above, a lot of bettors will lose money to the sportsbooks and/or casinos. So how you can avoid this and beat the bookies?

Let’s find out…

NFL betting strategy

Before we get into our NFL betting tips, it’s important to understand that nothing is guaranteed with sports betting. At the end of the day, we’re betting on live events and anything can happen.

Right then, let’s check out our top NFL betting tips.

Top NFL betting tips

Here are 5 NFL strategies to consider when you next place your bets.

  1. Change sportsbooks
  2. Keep a record
  3. Know the NFL inside out
  4. Know your markets
  5. Stay impartial

Let’s check out each one in more detail.

1. Change sportsbooks

To kick off our NFL betting tips, our first tip is to change sportsbooks regularly. No one wants to stick with the same old sportsbook and there’s a number of benefits to mixing it up.

By using multiple sportsbooks, you can take advantage of more free bets and promotions, not only when you sign up but also as an existing customer.

This means you’ll have more free bets and promotions to use on your favorite NFL teams or for using when matched betting.

With more and more sportsbooks opening in the US, there’s a huge amount of profit on the table in the form of free bets. Don’t miss out!

Another benefit of using multiple sportsbooks is that you’ll be able to maximize your profit by taking advantage of the best odds in the industry. This is a strategy I recommend every bettor uses.

You always want to use the best odds around to ensure you maximize your potential winnings from NFL wagers.

There are various tools you can use to search for the best odds. Here in the UK, I like to use OddsChecker.

Betting exchanges

Another option to consider when changing sportsbooks is betting exchanges.

Whilst betting exchanges aren’t currently available in all US states, these platforms are certainly worth considering when they do launch.

Betfair exchange US

You’re pretty much guaranteed to get the best value odds when betting on these platforms meaning more profit from your NFL wagers.

As things stand, Betfair Exchange is only available in New Jersey. However, it won’t be long before they look into other states that have legalized sports betting.

2. Keep a record

Next up in our list of NFL betting tips is to keep a record of your wagers. This might sound incredibly dull but it’s vital if you want to maximize your profit from NFL bets.

Keeping track of what bets you’ve placed means you can analyse which NFL bets are working and which aren’t.

If you set yourself an betting target, you’re more likely to reach your goal by writing down which bets are successful so you can repeat your successs.

So what should you record?

So what specifically should you record?

Record important information like which sportsbook you use, who you bet on, what stake you use and whether the wager won or not.

Basically any information that you think will help win more bets in the future.

Personally, this isn’t my favorite part of NFL betting but it ensures I know which bets to stick with in the future and which to avoid.

3. Know NFL inside out

Next up in our list of NFL betting tips is knowing the sport inside out. This will help you maximize your value. The NFL is an awesome sport, so you should know as much about it as possible.

Not only does it make the sport more exciting, but it also helps your betting no end. The more you know about the NFL, the teams and players, the more likely you are to place winning bets.

American football betting strategies

Thanks to the internet and other media outlets, there’s a huge number of resources you can use to research the NFL. It makes your job incredibly easy as the hard work is done for you.

As I say, there are plenty of websites that report on all the latest news for the NFL.

The aim of any betting is to spot and take advantage of valuable markets. If you know information about a certain team or player before the sportsbooks, you’ve got a great value bet.

Overall, the more information you know about the NFL, the better. It will allow you to place more profitable wagers.

4. Know your markets

Another vital NFL betting tip is to know your betting markets.

Whilst there are hundreds of markets available and you’re unlikely to know them all, the more you know about the better. You can find out more about betting markets and what they mean in this article.

As sportsbooks continue to develop their platforms in the US, you can be sure that more and more NFL betting markets will be added in the near future.

5. Stay impartial

Last but not least, our fifth NFL betting strategy is to stay impartial. What do I mean by this? In simple terms, don’t get too involved with your bets.

This will only lead to costly mistakes that you’ll hate yourself for. The aim with any betting, whether that’s on the NFL or Formula 1 is to pick wagers based on your analysis and research.

It’s therefore important to stay impartial when it comes to your NFL betting. You don’t want to get involved emotionally with teams you wager money on.

NFL betting strategies

Betting on the NFL is incredibly exciting and is certainly one of the best sports for those in the US to bet on.

Using the NFL betting strategies and tips mentioned above, you should be in a much better position to profit from your NFL wagers in 2020 and beyond.

To recap, here are the strategies we covered:

  1. Change sportsbooks
  2. Keep a record
  3. Know the NFL inside out
  4. Know your markets
  5. Stay impartial

Let me know your thoughts of these NFL betting tips by leaving a comment below right now.