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Next UK Prime Minister betting odds – Who are the favourites?

Let’s take a break from the chaos of Brexit the UK has found itself in and check out who’s in the running for the next UK Prime Minister role.

Theresa May, the current Conservative Prime Minister has already said she’s going to step aside maybe even before the whole Brexit mess comes to an end.

So who’s looking for the job and who are the bookies’ favourites?

As it stands at the time of writing this article, the next Prime Minister is likely to come from the Conservative party unless Labour or another party can force a general election. Having said that, Jeremy Corbyn does make it into the top 5 most likely for the job and anything’s possible in the current climate.

UK Prime Minister – current favourites

All odds are based on Bet365 prices at the time of writing.

  • Borris Johnson – 2.0
  • Dominic Raab – 5.0
  • Jeremy Hunt – 9.0
  • Michael Gove – 12.0
  • Jeremy Corbyn – 20.0

Borris Johnson (BoJo) – 2.0

The favourite to take over from Theresa May, Borris Johnson currently has odds of 2.0. In a bid to win over the public and Tory MPs, it’s been said Borris has hit the gym and cut his hair.

Whilst you can’t argue at the amount of character Borris has, whether you’d like him as the next PM is another question.

However, in a recent Tory member poll, Borris is the clear favourite to head up the Conservative party once Theresa May steps aside. He won 39% of the vote with Dominic Raab receiving just 13%.

Dominic Raab – 5.0

Priced at 5.0, Dominica Raab is the second favourite to take over from Theresa May. The former Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Raab resigned in opposition to the draft withdrawal agreement.

With the launch of the Ready For Raab Twitter feed, it’s clear to see that Raab feels he is more than up to the job.

Jeremy Hunt – 9.0

Jeremy Hunt, the current Foreign Secretary is also a potential candidate for the next PM position. However, with Hunt, you feel that the Tory MPs haven’t got much to like Hunt for. It’s not that he’s done anything wrong, he’s just not done much right either.

I think Jeremy Hunt is a longshot for the role.

Michael Gove 12.0

The current Environment Secretary, Michael Gove is a slight outsider with odds of 13/1 or 12.0. I don’t think the public would be too pleased if Gove got the job. He comes across as a bit of a wet fish when compared to someone like Borris Johnson.

I think the Tory MPs feel the same way. However, anything can happen so let’s not rule anything out.

Jeremy Corbyn – 20.0

The leader of the opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, splits opinion with Labour supporters. With betting odds of 20.0, Corbyn is still in the running and makes it to 5th most likely to replace Theresa May.

However, he’ll first have to force a general election and win the vote. Something that may prove difficult in the current Brexit climate.

Next UK Prime Minister – Outlook

All in all, the next UK prime minister is going to have a very difficult job potentially leading the UK out of the European Union. One thing’s for sure, the public is going to be very tough to please after the mess politicians have made of Brexit.