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Increase your winning odds for the upcoming NBA Championship 2021

Now that the NFL season is done, it’s time for the NBA Championship to close the gap and get on the hype. The upcoming NBA Championship 2021 has slowly rising wages from different bettors, and sportsbooks are opening up exciting deals for those looking to quench their thirst for sports betting.

Of course, this is a great opportunity for aspiring bettors to take action. If you want to jump in as well, follow through these NBA betting tips that would guide you to bet smarter, look for profitable wagers, and use your bankrolls to their full potential.

A quick note

Seasoned bettors have an amazing talent to see values in betting statistics from understanding sports betting, time spent for practices, and comprehensive knowledge of complicated mathematical equations. Professional bettors tend to have similar habits that even an amateur can quickly learn from it and lead smarter decisions. 

But before reading through the tips below, understand that some of them may work under certain circumstances, and it does not guarantee a win. Guides should be seen as a piece of your strategy, not the sole basis of your tactic. In the end, you have to make your curated tactic, and the guides will help you minimize risks and get the most out of the opportunity in line.

Get your emotions out of the equation

Amateur bettors tend to lose more during the season, and one of the factors to blame is emotion. There is a likelihood that bettors would blindly wager on their favorite basketball teams. Yes, there are successful and consistent NBA teams, but their abilities and performance change from time to time. You cannot expect large gains if you are only betting on a single team.

The first step in becoming a capable bettor is to push your emotions out of your betting mood. Hold off the feelings you had for today and think clearly. Sports betting involved a lot of money and effort, requiring you to make tough decisions. If you are so adamant about winning big, you need to make decisions that benefit you the most, even if that leads to going against your favorite player for a certain point.

Team schedules

Another point of successful bettors to look at is not just the numbers inside but also outside the court. Unlike sports with a huge team roster, basketball players suffer fatigue and exhaustion during travels and after games. This would lead to degrading their performance or not playing as well as possible due to stress.

Observing the team’s schedules for trips and days to their matches will give you an insight into how tired or exhausted players were until their next game. 

Check the experts

This is already an obvious point but seeing what an expert would say is always a good tip, especially with amateur bettors who have yet to fully comprehend the confusing odds, lines, and all statistical data in a game. 

Experts make decisions based on numerous factors, and what comes out of their hands is made with careful consideration of its risks. You can find them on online forums, betting websites, and sports news. While we’re at it, you can also check for a piece of brief information on the statistical numbers in sports betting.

Grudge matches

When NBA players get traded to different teams, more often, they will take that personally and might be seen as an insult from their employer. Please look at matches where traded players fight against their former teammates; they show will and maximum effort for revenge; good examples are DeMarcus Cousins versus Kings and Brook Lopez against Brooklyn Nets. 

When choosing who to wager on, keep a keen eye for revenge matches. If a player is against its former employer, there’s a chance a strong feeling against them will be enough to increase their overall performance. 

Home court advantage matters 

Betting on a home-court team does give you an advantage, and there are statistics to prove it. According to ESPN, at least 60% of NBA matches have been won by teams with home-court advantages. While this data has been changed over time, playing in your area is crucial for bettors to consider. 

A good example is the case of Utah and Denver home-court advantages. It is long proven that the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets have a clear advantage in their home courts as their location has lower oxygen levels in the air, making it harder for visiting teams to adjust.


The NBA is full of surprises, expectations, and data to consider when betting. The tips stated will guide you to make informed decisions, minimize risk and fully enjoy what basketball and sports betting have to offer.

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