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The 5 most popular casino games

Whether online or in real life, casinos continue to attract dreamers – whether winners or losers – who are willing to splurge their cash by making bets and playing games that have become household names.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular casino games so that you can test your knowledge and tick them off your own games list!


Whether you’re new to the casino, or a seasoned gambler, you’re probably familiar with blackjack, which is also known as 21. It’s a classic card game and probably one of the easiest that you can play at the casino, which means it’s always on the ‘to play’ list for serious or amateur gamblers.

The game can involve some mathematics, with simple addition and subtraction, which can be mind-boggling or confusing for some folk who really don’t like math! Blackjack relies on this arithmetic and decision making, which has a significant impact on the fate of winning the game. 

There are plenty of detailed guides that will inform you on the inner workings of deciding the best strategy for each hand in Blackjack if you really want to impress and win big bucks.

Unlike other casino games, Blackjack allows players who do their research and have an intelligent mind to get ahead in the game, whereas other games rely on pure luck without room for a player to have an influence on their outcomes.

Many fans of blackjack who play online prefer to use live dealer casinos, as they feel like more of a replicate of brick and mortar casinos. The social element is brought into play and physical cards are used which helps to make you feel like you’re at the table.

If you’re looking for casinos that offer this as an option, the website has a number of in-depth reviews detailing the best live casinos and those with the best odds that you can check out to help you decide.

If you aren’t 100% sure that Blackjack is the game for you, it’s worth a go considering that it is a game that has the best odds in the casino!

Punto Banco, or Baccarat

This has been a favorite for many gamblers in casinos for many years, where players make no decisions and do not need to adopt any sort of strategy to play. It involves a deck of cards but lacks the fast-pace nature that is found in other casino games like Craps.


Like Blackjack, roulette gets the crowd excited, engaged and cheering (or sighing!)  Some dislike the game as there is a lack of skill and a high house edge, which means the player is more likely to lose a significant amount of money from their bets.

It involves a numbered board and a wheel that spins once the dealer drops the ball inside. The players each bet whether the ball will land on a red or black wheel slot, as well as betting on individual numbers.

However, this game can be intimidating for first-time players as you need to know when and how you can place a bet.

Three Card Poker

This is a game played not only in casinos but often at home with friends too because it can be extremely fun. There are worse odds than most of the other casino games listed here, but with three cards, the odds of getting certain hands like a flush or straight flush are significantly higher.

It relies on basic probability, which means it is possible to maintain a strategic approach to the game, but it’s so much fun that you don’t really feel the need to – unless you’re betting big money!


This casino classic usually gets a big group involved due to its exciting nature, regardless of whether the crowd are actually betting or not! However, despite its appeal, it can be a very intimidating game if you are not clued up and haven’t played before because you might not understand the terminology behind the different bets that can be placed.

For example, the simplest bet is called ‘the pass’ or ‘the don’t pass bet’. In addition, a single game requires quite a few people making losing a much more public and humiliating affair. Craps is one of the most complicated games to follow in the casino, but at the core, it involves rolling dice and gamblers hoping to get certain numbers.

It means that you don’t need to have a strategy which you would need to have for other casino games like Blackjack. This game can have two very different outcomes for gamblers; you either win big or lose big. Just what you expect to happen at a casino, but the game is extremely addictive and can be dangerous for your wallet. 

Now you have an idea of the top games played in casinos, you can decide for yourself whether they’re for you!