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Tips and tricks to maximise your free bets

If you’re a regular punter, you must be familiar with the term ‘free bets’. But in case you’re new to sports betting, free bets are wagers that cost you no money. That is, you can place bets using free money given to you by the sportsbook.

At many online bookies, free bet promotions are the major type of bonuses offered. This is because almost every punter loves to use them. And this is not surprising. Or do you know anyone who wouldn’t love to make profits without any risk?

In this article, however, we will explain some tips and tricks to get the most out of free bets.

Understand different sports betting markets

Most online bookies will allow you to use the free bets on any sports markets. However, it is easier to win bets in some markets than others. Some betting markets also pay more regular wins than the others.

You also have to decide what you want. Some punters prefer huge wins from a single bet while some go for smaller wins from little stakes. In general, we advise that you use free bets on markets which have the potential for regular wins even if they’re small.

Some markets could offer great odds but with a lower probability of winning. If you want to play safe, don’t go for these.

However, it all still depends on your choice. If you want to learn more about betting markets, check out our blog where you can find more betting tips and tricks.

Place bets on outright winners

When using a free bet, match winner is usually the best option. In making your choice, it’s better to go for games with fewer possible outcomes as they offer higher strike rates.

For example, in football, there can either be a Draw, Home Win, or Away Win. It’s a three-way market. While this is great, it is even better in Tennis games where one player has to lose. When the number of outcomes is limited, you have a good opportunity to use free bets.

Handicap betting

When you have a clear underdog and favourite, handicaps are introduced by bookies to attract 2 way business. With this, the bookmakers hope to equate the probabilities of the two outcomes.

They usually express handicaps as points or half goals to eliminate the draw. Punters need to get a 55% strike rate or more to break even. With only two possible results, handicaps are a good option when using free bets.

Betting on totals

One of the most popular betting options is the totals.

This is wagering on the total number of points or goals that will be scored by both sides in a match. You can either place bets on under or over a specific total point.

Punters need to have less than a 60% strike rate to break even. Whether you’re betting on a premier league match or another competition, having two potential outcomes makes the totals market a good opportunity to use a free bet.

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