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Matched Betting Talked About In…

Matched betting is now one of the most popular ways to make money online. Many matched bettors use their winnings to pay off student debts, pay for that dream holiday or just to have some extra money in the bank. In our view, it’s undoubtedly the easiest way to make a second income online. What’s more, it’s risk and tax free and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Nothing beats matched betting!

Does matched betting work?

We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t!

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who’ve taken up matched betting. This is mainly thanks to the internet and an increased awareness of the method and how profitable it can be. With more and more bookies competing online, matched bettors are in prime position to take advantage.

If you’re new to this technique you can find out more in our complete guide to matched betting.

Love for Matched Betting

It’s not just us at The Sure Bettor who love matched betting. It’s been featured in a number of different articles and websites around the internet. We’ll look at the articles below and find out why they loved matched betting.

matched betting talked about in...

Save The Student

Save The Student have written a number of articles praising matched betting. They call it the ‘quickest way to make a lot of money’ and continually … ‘being one of the best ways for students to make money online’.

Owen Burek then goes on to show a worked example in which he makes £13 in 20 minutes. This guide shows you how the concept works and how easy it is once you know what you’re doing.

We agree with everything Save The Student says about matched betting. Students are always on the lookout for money making opportunities whether it’s to pay off debts or help afford the next big festival or night out. However, with everything else going on, there isn’t always a lot of time.

That’s why matched betting fits our lives so well. The method requires very little time and is incredibly profitable. As we place all our bets online there are no location issues. You can make money from anywhere! Whether that’s in halls, your flat or the local cafe. Matched betting definitely beats your average bar work. What’s more this method is guaranteed to make you a profit. How awesome is that!

‘…one of the best ways for students to make money online’.

Get your mates involved and you’ll soon have some friendly banter and competition as you try to beat each others earnings.

Betting on the weekend football is quite popular for students. Instead of leaving it to chance, why not make a guaranteed profit instead?

The Telegraph

The Telegraph – ‘Is this a bet you can’t lose’

Damn right it is…

Matched betting is a proven method to profit from bookmakers free bets and promotions. We use a method called back and lay betting to eliminate any risk from ‘normal’ gambling.

You could argue this piece written by The Telegraph is a little of out date. Written in 2010, matched betting has changed considerably since then. The betting industry is now a totally different beast to what it was then. There are more bookies offering more profitable promotions to incentivise new and existing customers. Therefore matched bettors can make substantially more money than back in 2010.

Now, there are also websites like The Sure Bettor, built specifically to help you with matched betting. Members are given access to hundreds of tutorials, all the latest and most profitable offers and a range of tools – all of which make matched betting more effective.

You can now make up to £1000 every month with this method as opposed to the £400 Fix The Odds claimed you could make back in 2010.


Smarkets are another online company who love matched betting. A betting company in their own right, they facilitate matched betting. Smarkets are what’s called a betting exchange. This is an online marketplace which matches people with opposing views. They differ from a traditional bookie in a number of ways but the main difference is they take on no risk themselves. You can read our guide to betting exchanges to find out more.

Smarkets are one of the only betting companies to actually recommend matched betting. They’ve put together a number of articles to help people with the technique. This is another reason Smarkets are our preferred betting exchange.

The Guardian

In The Guardian article, they comment on how matched betting initially seems too good to be true. I’d completely agree with that statement. When I first started out with matched betting I thought there must be some kind of catch. As the saying goes, if something is too good to be true, it usually is. However, I gave matched betting a go and I’ve never looked back since.

The writer goes on to say how they made £770 in risk free profit from just 31 bookie sign up offers. This is fairly good going, however, there are hundreds of offers to take advantage of. The long term profit in matched betting is made from reload offers, the ongoing promotions for existing customers. Theses promotions and free bets are offered on a huge range of different events throughout the year.

As part of our premium membership, we add all of these offers, along with an expert tutorial to guide you through the whole process. We also show you the exact amount you need to bet to maximise your profit from the offer.

The most time consuming part of matched betting is finding all the latest offers. This is where sites like The Sure Bettor come in. We scour the internet, looking for the greatest and latest offers for our members to take advantage of.

The Huffington Post

There are a number of articles on The Huffington Post regarding matched betting. However, the most popular one is written by Owen Burek, an editor over at Save The Student. He describes how matched betting is the answer to student prayers. Owen does not class himself as a gambler and he explains how you don’t have to know anything about betting to start matched betting.

That’s another great thing about matched betting. Literally anyone can start using this method to profit online. Even if you have no prior knowledge of the betting industry or even placing any bets, you’ll be in safe hands here at The Sure Bettor. We pride ourselves on offering brilliant customer service and support for anything related to matched betting. Owen goes on to describe how you can make up to £30 per hour from this technique.

Spread The Matched Betting Love

As you can see, there is a lot of love for matched betting on the internet. It just goes to show how popular and profitable matched betting can be when done right. Why not spread the matched betting love with all of your mates?

What are you waiting for? Get signed up now with The Sure Bettor and start making money online risk and tax free.

We’ll see you on the inside very soon.

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