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Matched betting resources and tools

Our aim at The Sure Bettor is to help you maximise your earnings from matched betting. This method is incredibly profitable however, you can always increase your earnings. Below are some of the most useful matched betting resources and tools that will help you do this:


Guide to matched betting – This is an in-depth guide covering all aspects of matched betting. If you’re new to this technique or want to increase your knowledge, this article is for you.

Betting exchange review – Betting exchanges are incredibly important in matched betting. Every matched bet we place, we always place a lay bet at the exchange. This in-depth review of the main betting exchanges will help you decide which one you want to use.

How matched betting works – At first, matched betting can seem like a challenging concept to get your head around. That’s we’ve created this in-depth article designed with matched betting beginners in mind.

Matched betting key terms – Here’s another brilliant resource created by our own matched betting experts here at The Sure Bettor. If you’re ever unsure of what a word means, head straight to our key terms page.

Betting account passwords – Keeping organised is a vital part of matched betting. In this article, we go look at the best ways to save and remember your passwords.

Betting – Free bets and other online bookmaker promotions.


Matched betting calculator – First on the list is our very own matched betting calculator. This is the most important tool and is essential to working out the correct stakes.

Odds Converter – Another very useful tool that we can use for matched betting. We often come across odds that are displayed in the common fractional format. However, it’s far easier to compare decimal odds. This tool allows us to quickly convert odds from all different formats.

These matched betting resources and tools should give you a little more to work with and help you learn the basics of matched betting online. If there’s anything else you need, just get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to help. Plus, if you think we’ve missed any resources or tools out, let us know.

Matched betting resources and tools - The Sure Bettor