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Price boosts in matched betting – What are they and how to profit from them

Matched betting price boosts – what are they and how can I profit from them?

Matched betting is a great way to profit from bookmakers free bets. However, it’s not just free bets we can use to our advantage with this money-making technique.

There are a number of different matched betting methods we can use, one being price boosts.

In this article, we’ll check out what price boosts are and how we can add them to our 2018 matched betting strategy to maximise our profit.

Matched betting background

Here’s a little background on matched betting for those of you who haven’t heard of this money-making technique before.

No-risk matched betting is a very popular way to make money online and it’s growing at unprecedented rates. There are thousands of people benefiting from this method across the UK and throughout Europe.

From students to stay at home parents, matched betting really is for anyone.

In simple terms, we use a risk free betting technique to make a guaranteed profit from bookmakers free bets and other promotions they use to incentivise punters.

Using matched betting, you can make up to £1000 every month risk and tax free.

It’s perfect for those looking for a little extra income or to pay for that dream holiday.

Check out this what is matched betting guide for more information.

What are price boosts?

Here at The Sure Bettor, we’re always on the lookout for great ways to profit from bookmakers. There’s nothing better than beating them at their own game.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not just free bets we can make a guaranteed profit from with matched betting. Price boosts are another awesome way to make money and you should definitely add them to your matched betting strategy.

Price boosts are really as simple as they sound.

The bookies hike the odds of a market to increase the number of bets they take – a simple but clever way to increase betting activity on an upcoming game or event.

Sometimes the bookies will purposefully underprice a market so they can boost it at a later stage. They trick punters into thinking they’re getting more value when in fact the boosted odds are usually closer to the true market price.

There is usually at least one price boost each day, with more typically available over the weekend due to more sport.

Interestingly, price boosts are more commonly being used as a way of incentivising new customers alongside free bets. Ladbrokes and Coral are two companies who are currently using this method to great effect.

Price boost example

Here is a typical example of a price boost on a horse race. Betfred boosted the price for Arpege D’Alene (a horse) to win the 12.50 Cheltenham from 3/1 (4.0) to 4/1 (5.0).

Price boosts - Betfred

The bookies usually offer price boosts on either horse racing or football events making matched betting on horse racing and football very profitable.

Football price boosts are usually available on accumulators (a bet with more than one selection), so a bookmaker will increase the price for all the teams in the accumulator to win.

Making money with price boosts

Using matched betting, we can make a guaranteed profit from price boosts like the example above.

There are two methods we can use depending on the odds of the price boost.

As usual, in matched betting we need to find a lay market to offset our bets. You can use either Smarkets or Betfair for this.

However, if you’re completing an accumulator price boost you’ll need to use Betfair to place your lay bets. Smarkets don’t currently offer accumulators on their platform.

Still not sure which betting exchange to use?

Price boost method 1

If the boosted odds are significantly higher than the lay odds, we can use a risk free method to make a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of our bets.

To do this we use a simple qualifying bet.

Using the matched betting calculator, we’ll enter the boosted back odds, the current lay odds and the maximum stake. Note: there will always be a maximum stake for price boosts.

Once you have your lay stake, you can go ahead and place your matched bets. Always place the back bet first followed by the lay bet.

Price boost method 2

If the boosted odds are not significantly higher than the lay odds there’s no point using the first price boost method. You’ll only make a small profit.

This is where method 2 comes in.

Using the second price boost method, we can make a larger risk-free potential profit. By this I mean we won’t lose any money but we’re not guaranteed to win any either.

To work out the required lay stake divide the back stake by either 0.98 if you’re using Smarkets or 0.95 if you’re using Betfair. This accounts for the commission each betting exchange charges.

If our back bet wins, we’ll take home a nice profit. If our back bet loses we’ll end up where we started. However, we won’t have lost any money.

Best bookies for matched betting price boosts

No bookmakers are created equal, therefore some bookies offer more price boosts than others. Below are my top three bookies for matched betting price boosts.

  • Skybet – One of my favourite betting companies, Skybet offer some brilliant promotions and their price boosts are no different. Skybet love boosting football markets, especially accumulators. Be sure to keep an eye out for any price boosts, especially over the weekend.
  • William Hill – This list wouldn’t be complete without having William Hill on it. Another great place to find some brilliant price boosts. Once again, William Hill loves boosting footy accumulator odds and horse racing events.
  • Ladbrokes – Last but not least, Ladbrokes is another brilliant bookmaker who loves offering price boosts to their customers. Whilst you won’t find as many boosts as Skybet offer, Ladbrokes are still worth keeping an eye on.

Top tips for price boosts

  • As with any matched betting offer, it’s vital you check the terms and conditions for the price boost before you place any bets. Things to look out for include maximum stakes and/or odds and bet timings. It’s important to note the price boost will only be available for one market.
  • Keep at it – whilst price boosts may not provide the largest reward in matched betting terms, complete each one and you’ll have a great base to build from. Over time the small profits add up.
  • Use a matched betting service to help you find the latest price boosts available. Searching for the latest promotions is a time-consuming process that is best left to sites like The Sure Bettor.

Check out this article for more matched betting tips.

Price boosts conclusion

All in all, price boosts are a brilliant way to keep the money rolling in with matched betting.

They’re incredibly easy to complete, take very little time and there’s plenty available.

They are certainly a technique to add to your 2018 matched betting strategy if you haven’t already.

Sign up today and never miss an opportunity to profit from price boosts.