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Matched betting on boxing – The definitive guide for 2019

Is matched betting on boxing a viable way to make money online? And if so, how can you profit from boxing matches around the world?

Read on to find out.

Betting on boxing

Boxing is an incredibly popular sport across the globe with its fair share of diehard fans.

Along with this serious obsession with the sport, there are a lot of people who like to have a flutter on the upcoming boxing matches to make the event even more exciting.

Now, you may not be one of those diehard fans but you still fancy wagering some money on the upcoming fight?

I don’t blame you…

But with matched betting on boxing, you could make the whole process much more enjoyable and profitable. What if I said you could make a guaranteed profit from most boxing matches?

You’d probably laugh it off, and think I was on about some BS system that promises to make you a millionaire overnight but actually delivers nothing.

Well, matched betting is a little different to that and certainly a lot more profitable. You can start beating the bookies at their own game by profiting from their free bets and other promotions they offer new and existing customers.

The boxing market

In the eyes of the bookmaker, Boxing is a very large market. Some of the biggest boxing matches attract some very serious gamblers who have been known to wager millions!

Back in August 2017, when Conor McGregor took on Floyd Mayweather in what was billed as ‘The fight of the century’ there were four punters who each wagered more than a million on the event!

William Hill’s Nevada sportsbook took a $1.2 million bet in cash backing Mayweather. The winning punter took home $240,000…

This may seem ridiculous but this is pocket change for some of these big time gamblers.

It’s fair to say, there’s a lot of money wagered on boxing matches. This is great for matched betting.

It means the bookies are always looking to promote incentives and offer other bonuses to attract more players.

Matched betting on boxing – the options

With matched betting on boxing, there are a number of options you have.

You could place your matched bets in order to complete a bookmaker sign up offer, or you could use boxing markets to take advantage of reload offers that the bookmakers offer.

Here’s a more detailed look at the options.

Sign up offers

If you’re just getting into the betting scene and specifically matched betting, you may want to use boxing markets to profit from bookmakers’ sign up offers.

I won’t go into the details of getting started with sign up offers, as we have other, more in-depth articles that do this.

For the sake of this article, all you need to know is that boxing markets are great for completing sign up offers. There’s plenty of betting activity and therefore the liquidity will be high.

Reload offers

As I mentioned above, the bookmakers are likely to promote plenty of promotions and other bonuses for existing customers. These are what matched bettors call reload offers.

This is where the long-term profit is made with matched betting, so it’s a great idea to get started with this strategy.

Boxing betting offers

Arbitrage opportunities

Sometimes you may even be able to find an arbitrage opportunity. For those of you who aren’t sure what this, it’s when the back odds at the bookmaker are higher than the lay odds at the betting exchange.

If this is the case, you can make a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome of the event is without using a free bet or other form of promotion.

For more information, you can check out our handy arbitrage guide here.

Sharbing opportunities with boxing

There are also sometimes opportunities to profit using sharbing.

This involves placing your back bet at a bookie high-street shop and placing your lay bet at a betting exchange online. You use an arbitrage process similar to what I mentioned above.

Whatever option you choose, there’s plenty of profit to be made with matched betting on boxing.

Next up, we’ll look at the different boxing betting markets you can use:

Matched betting on boxing matches

In terms of the actual method, matched betting on boxing is very similar to other sports and markets. You follow exactly the same process as you would with say matched betting on football or horse racing.

The only thing that makes matched betting on boxing slightly different to other sports are the markets available.

Below I’ve listed the most popular boxing betting markets and added a little information for any complete beginners out there:

  • Match betting
  • Decision or technical decision
  • Win by TKO, KO, DQ
  • Round betting

Match betting

Match betting is one of the most popular betting markets for boxing. It’s also very easy to understand. It’s the same as betting on the winner of a Football or Rugby match.

You’re selecting the winner of the game.

Decision or technical decision

This is similar to the final whistle in football or other events. If after 12 rounds neither boxer has won, a decision is made by the judges.

A technical decision is the same as above except one boxer is injured and cannot finish 12 rounds.

In this scenario, a technical decision is made as long as 4 rounds of boxing have been completed. If this is not the case, the match goes down as a no-contest.

Win by TKO, KO, DQ

This betting market is pretty self-explanatory. You are simply betting that one boxer wins or loses the match by a TKO, KO or DQ.

  • TKO – total knockout
  • KO – knockout
  • DQ – disqualified

Round betting

Another popular betting market in boxing is the round betting market. Again this is very simple. It means you are betting on a boxer to win in a certain round.

Boxing in 2019

2018 was a great year for boxing with some of the world’s biggest stars meeting in the ring.

However, there’s plenty of boxing to look forward to in 2019.

Some of the highlights include:

  • James DeGale v Chris Eubank Jr
  • Shawn Porter v Yordenis Ugas
  • Anthony Joshua vs Jarrell Miller

Anthony Joshua titles

Boxing matched betting – is it worth it?

Overall, is boxing matched betting worth it in 2019?

Absolutely. With the amount of money surrounding this sport, the bookmakers are usually after a slice of the pie.

And as you probably know by now, the more offers and incentives the bookmakers offer, the more money you can make with matched betting.

Keep an eye out for the large boxing matches and you’ll be onto a winner when these games come round. Most online bookmakers offer some kind of promotion that matched bettors can take advantage of.

All in all, the more betting markets you can find, the better your matched betting will be, ultimately allowing you to make more money online.

Matched betting on boxing is certainly a strategy you should use to increase your profit in 2019.

Let me know what you think of matched betting on boxing by leaving a comment below right now.