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Why matched betting is still the number one betting strategy in 2020

Matched betting is still one of the most popular strategies for bettors to use in 2020.

But why do so many punters still love matched betting?

In this article, we’ll look at the key benefits of matched betting and show you how it’s possible to make up to £1000 extra income each month right from the comfort of your own home…

Sounds good, right? You bet!

Matched betting introduction

For those of you who are new to matched betting, this section is for you.

Match betting is a strategy used by thousands of bettors to profit from bookmakers free bets and promotions

Here’s a typical offer that bettors take advantage of. Betdaq offers a £10 free bet for all new customers.

Betdaq signup offer

There are many free bets and other promotions similar to the Betdaq example above.

When you consider there are hundreds of bookies all offering these promotions, you can see how matched betting can be incredibly profitable.

What’s more, with matched betting you make a guaranteed profit. You’ll win no matter what happens with your bets. Yes, you read that right…

This is possible using a process called back and lay betting. Whilst you may be a little confused at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Next up, I want to show you why matched betting is still the number one betting strategy for punters in 2020.

Why matched betting is the number one betting strategy

Matched betting is still incredibly popular with thousands of bettors choosing this strategy. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Easy to start
  • Incredibly profitable
  • You can do it from home

It’s risk free, it’s tax free, there’s plenty of support available. I can keep going but I think you get the point… Matched betting is awesome!

Let’s check out each point mentioned above.

Easy to start

Matched betting is incredibly easy to start, especially with sites like OddsMonkey. They walk you through the whole process helping you make a guaranteed profit very quickly.

OddsMonkey dashboard

Never placed a bet before? Not a problem, OddsMonkey show you the exact bets to place, how much to wager along with which bookmakers to get started with.

The entire platform is incredibly beginner friendly and everything is made clear and easy to understand through video tutorials and other guides.

Premium members even get 1-to-1 support so if you’re really struggling with a certain concept you can ask an expert.

You can get started with OddsMonkey for just £1 using the code ‘OM12FOR1’ Click the button below to get started now.

Alternatively, you can find out more information about how easy matched betting is by checking out other articles on our website.

Incredibly profitable

Matched betting is still incredibly profitable in 2020.

There are hundreds of betting offers which you can take advantage of on a daily basis.

So how much can you actually make?

Premium members at OddsMonkey and other matched bettors average about £500 per month with more advanced bettors earning upwards of £1000 each month.

Remember, you can get started with OddsMonkey for just £1 today using the code ‘OM12FOR1’

Obviously, your earnings will vary depending on how much time and effort you invest.

But one thing’s for sure, once you’ve got up to speed, matched betting doesn’t take that long so it’s incredibly profitable in terms of the time investment.

For example, one sign up offer could take less than 15 minutes and you could make up to £50 depending on the free bet in question.

Does that surely beat a shift at your local pub or coffee shop?

Coffee shop work

The long term potential of matched betting is also great. Once you’ve taken advantage of the sign-up offers which give you the biggest bang for your buck, you can move onto reload offers.

These are betting offers for existing customers who already have bookmaker accounts open.

This is where OddsMonkey really comes into its own. The team are constantly on the lookout for new offers for existing customers to take advantage of meaning you don’t have to waste your time searching for the latest offers.

You can do it from home

Making money online without even leaving the house…

Sounds great right?

Well, matched betting allows you to do just that! You can literally do it from home, when you’re on holiday or when you’re out and about.

It really doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got access to the internet.

Anyone can start matched betting

So who can get started with matched betting?

Another great aspect of match betting is that literally anyone can get started.

You don’t need to know anything about betting or sports in the first place as OddsMonkey show you exactly what to do and what bets to place.

Here are the only requirements to get started with matched betting:

  • Access to the internet
  • Have a personal payment method
  • Be at least 18 years old

Matched betting in 2020

As you can see, matched betting is still the number one betting strategy in 2020.

It’s incredibly profitable, easy to start and you can do it from anywhere.

Matched betting certainly beats other betting strategies and it’s certainly worth considering. If you want to get started, I recommend signing up to OddsMonkey.

It makes the whole process much easier and allows you to maximise your profit right from the get-go.

Do you think matched betting is still the best betting strategy? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.