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By June 30, 2019Matched Betting
Matched betting convenient

In the betting sector, it is always a competition between bookies and bettors. Bookies give numerous and various incentives to develop and maintain their customers. At the same time, bettors look for ways to enhance their winnings and increase their profitability.

Matched betting is a method that ensures a profit mathematically from the many free bet promotions provided by a lot of betting firms. This way of betting is just one of the many techniques offered by the bookmakers while making yourself some profit.

A lot of individuals seek matched betting for additional income, but many also see it as their sole source of revenue. This method of betting is also well known as a completely risk-free way of betting to achieving a profit. Thus, it is a way to take advantage of the bonuses and free bets offered as promotions by most bookmakers.

You’ll find free bets and bonuses advertised around the globe by bookmakers and casinos worldwide. They’re not just doing it because they have a lot of cash, but they are purposely doing it as their marketing strategy to attract and generate new customers.

How does it work?

Before signing up to matched betting, knowing about the types of bet is essential to understand the process better.

  • Back bet – This type simply means you place a wager for it to come true. If the one you predict will indeed win, it means you win the game, and you will also earn the monetary winnings.
  • Lay bet – Another type is wagering against a sure thing to happen. For example in horse racing, you are betting Belmont Stakes racehorse with higher odds. Thus, if the horse you ‘lay’ will not end the race first, it means you won the betting and will eventually receive the rewards.

Moreover, matched betting is a simple process that everyone can easily become a member, and you have to find an offer made by the bookmaker that is competitive enough.

You will need an account and sign up to become a member. In a betting exchange, it enables members to wage against other individuals instead of a bookmaker. It fundamentally acts as a broker between the two punters, and the individual who wins receives both stakes.

Best betting exchanges

Few of the many recommended betting exchange sites are:

  • Betfair – The leading online betting exchange in the world. It offers a variety of promotions including free bet for new client sign-ups. This site also provides more options for betting than any other exchange, while having competitive rates offered by other opposing members of Betfair.
  • Smarkets – This site is known for its low commission rates while letting members wage back and lay with best odds for betting. They also provide charts, graphs, live odds, and they maintain their site as merely easy to navigate where customers can access with ease, and remained as being an excellent betting app.
  • Matchbook – Considered as a brilliant site for U.S Sports betting that gives the commission to either wins or losses and rated as the top alternative to Betfair. Thus, Matchbook has the lowest commission in terms of horse racing event, and have its one primary objective that is to return the highest monetary value to all punters.

Qualifying and free bets

The calculation of the potential profit is one of the most significant components in matched betting. You have to make sure you know how much money you need to back and lay, as well as the income you will garner.

Upon making the qualifying bet, it is essential to understand that you will not gain profit as you used your cash to qualify for the free bets. Thus, you will receive income once you put at stake these free bets. A small profit is then guaranteed, as long as you are using favourable odds.

As to the fact that it is only giving you small income, but these limited earnings will ultimately add up to become more considerable gains. You will be keeping up to 95% of the bet amount as your profit because betting exchanges typically charge a 5 % commission on your winnings.

Furthermore, matched betting became a convenient way for people to gain money. Many individuals praised it and realised that this kind of betting allows them to be unrestrained with their time and finances, as well as becoming their boss.

Thus, win or lose you will still come out with a profit. A lot of students are becoming match bettors of their own, using their spare time gaining income from matched betting. Even stay-at-home parents work for this kind of event that can somehow help them with their daily needs and necessities.

Matched betting belongs to the sector wherein profits are presently tax-free, and many of the population can have the privilege to indulge with its benefits.

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