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Matched betting checklist to complete more and better offers

This matched betting checklist will help you complete more offers and ultimately allow you to make more money in 2018.

Matched betting is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

There are thousands of people already benefitting from this brilliant technique from students to stay at home parents to people simply wanting to supplement their income.

Matched betting checklist

We’re often asked what the most important things are for matched betting so we’ve created this definitive matched betting checklist to be your go-to guide.

Therefore we’ve created this definitive matched betting checklist to help you maximise your income from matched betting.

1. Take advantage of reload offers

First on our matched betting checklist is to take advantage of as many reload offers as possible.

There are hundreds of bookmakers out there all offering plenty of promotions to gain new customers.

Unfortunately, you can only complete these sign up offers once.

Whilst you can still make plenty of profit from sign up offers, there comes a time when you need to change up your matched betting strategy.

The most profitable way of doing this is to take advantage of reload offers.

These are ongoing promotions the bookies use to keep existing customers returning.

There are plenty of reload offers you can take advantage of each day and this ultimately allows you to continue making money in the long run.

Where can you find the offers?

Surprisingly, it’s harder to find these offers than you would think it should be.

I think it’s because the bookies don’t want to hand out too many of them.

Anyhow, by visiting the sportsbook’s website like Bet365, you’ll usually find a section labelled ‘promotions’.

From here you should find the latest reload offers along with any other promotion the bookie are running.

It’s also worthwhile keeping an eye on your email and text messages.

Depending on your notification preferences, some bookies will use these contact methods to notify you of upcoming promotions.

Sometimes these promotions are tailored specifically for you. The bookmaker will recognise which markets you like placing bets on and offer you free bets or bonuses to entice more betting activity.

These offers can be very worthwhile and profitable.

Which reload offers to take advantage of?

So now you’ve found plenty of reload offers, which ones are the most profitable to complete?

Not all offers are created equal, some are not worthwhile completing whilst others are far more rewarding.

The trick is finding the offers that will provide the greatest outcome yet are easy to complete.

Over time you’ll gain a better understanding of which offers typically provide the greatest return.

But in general you should look for free bets, price boosts, risk free bets and each way bets.

As a member of The Suer Bettor, you’ll have access to all the latest reload offers along with expert tutorials guiding you through the entire process.

For more information on reload offers or the benefits of joining The Sure Bettor check out this article.

Stay organised

Second on our matched betting checklist is to stay incredibly organised.

Those already making money with matched betting will know how much information there is to keep track of.

Therefore it’s vital to keep all your information organised and know exactly where all your data is stored.

Below are some of the things I suggest you keep track of:

  • Betting passwords
  • Your active and past bets
  • Your money

We’ll take a look at each one of these individually below:

Your betting passwords

To maximise your profit you’ll need to open accounts with a number of different betting companies.

This number is likely to be more than 50…

If you’re like me, remembering just one password is difficult so I’ve got no chance of remembering over 50.

That’s where it’s important to use an Excel spreadsheet or something similar to keep track of all your passwords.

Most modern web browsers have a built in function to save your passwords which is also a possible solution.

I also suggest you open a dedicated email account to use for your matched betting – it just allows you to keep all the data and emails in one place.

Track your matched bets

As well as having a lot of bookmaker accounts, you’ll also place a lot of bets on a daily basis.

More experienced matched bettors may place over 20 bets each day. That may not seem many but you need to know exactly what bet is for what and when each bet settles.

Therefore it’s important to use some kind of system to keep track of your placed bets.

You can either use an Excel spreadsheet like in the previous section or you can use some sort of software to keep track of your bets.

If you use the spreadsheet below are some of the key things you’ll want to keep track of:

  • Bookie the bet is with
  • Which offer the bet corresponds to
  • Your overall liability
  • What type of bet it is (qualifying or free bet)
  • The outcome of the bet – your profit/loss

Using a spreadsheet is great for matched betting beginners who are just getting started, however, there are better alternatives for those looking to maximise their online earnings.

Most matched betting sites have software built in that will keep track of your matched bets for you.

At The Sure Bettor, we have a feature called Tracking Plus.

This takes all the hard work out of tracking your bets and allows you to focus on the most important thing: completing more offers.

For more information on how Tracking Plus can benefit your matched betting, check out this article.

Your money

It’s important to keep track of where all your money is when you’re matched betting.

You’ll need to consider where your funded betting accounts are, how much you’ve got in each one and how much you need for each matched betting offer etc.

One of the most successful methods I’ve seen matched bettors use is to open a separate bank account dedicated to matched betting.

Use a separate bank account

After years of matched betting, having a separate betting account is one of the most effective methods to keep an eye on where your money is and how much you’ve made.

No confusing it with the weekly food shop or last night’s bar crawl…

Most banks will allow you to set up a separate account that runs alongside your personal account.

You’ll just need to keep any eye out for any future credit checks that some banks may perform.

You don’t want to your matched betting to affect your availability to seal a mortgage.

Assisted matched betting

Next on our matched betting checklist is to summon the help of experts.

When you begin your matched betting journey it may seem quite challenging. There are lots of new terms and concepts to get your head around and you want to avoid mistakes at all costs.

That’s why we suggest you get help from matched betting experts like The Sure Bettor.

The benefits of signing up to a site like this are endless and you’ll be able to significantly increase your earnings.

Thanks for reading our matched betting checklist and we’ll see you on the inside very soon!