Matched Betting and Politics – Theresa May

Who said you can place your matched bets on just sporting events?

Well, that’s not the case. We can place our matched bets on literally anything…

After Theresa May’s party conference speech on Wednesday 4th October questions have been asked whether or not she should stay in charge of the UK’s Government. This could be an awesome market to place our matched bets on.

What’s Theresa May Done?

One thing’s for certain, she’s made the politics betting market very interesting this week.

The Conservatives had their party conference earlier this week which didn’t quite go according to plan for Theresa May. It has left many people in the political world uncertain about the future of the British Prime Minister.

One of the main events of the conference is the party leaders speech. According to The Times Newspaper, they thought Theresa May’s speech was a ‘shambles’. I’ll let you make up your own mind on what you thought about the speech. If you’ve not seen it, it’s well worth a watch in the video below.

Lee Nelson, the notorious prankster who’s also staged jokes on Sepp Blater, Donald Trump and Kanye West handed the Prime Minister a P45 form, indicating Boris Johnson’s desire for Theresa May to step down. It was all a joke of course.

Since the speech many party members have rallied around Theresa May saying she did the best job possible considering the circumstances on the day. However, there are also a number of party members who have demanded she make way for a new leader. So who’s that going to be?

None other than current Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson. He’s put himself out there in recent weeks, disagreeing with Theresa May and a number of other senior cabinet ministers on a number of things to do with the Brexit deal.

After the party conference speech, the odds for a number of political markets relating to the next Prime Minister have reduced.

How the Betting Odds Have Shifted

Betfair have reduced the price for Boris Johnson to become the next Prime Minister to 5.0. They’ve also reduced Amber Rudd’s price from 13.0 to 9.0.

Katie Baylis who is the Betfair Politics Spokesperson said: ‘With media reports that a number of Tory party members are starting a movement to persuade her to stand aside, her odds of reaching the end of the year as leader have shortened from 9/1 to 5/2.’

‘May’s at 2/5 to be the next party leader to leave her position and if she goes, Boris Johnson is the leading contender to take over, with his odds shortening in the last 24 hours from 4/1 from 5/1, while David Davis is the 11/2 second favourite.’

Over the weekend there have been suggestions that Theresa May should fire Boris Johnson or demote him to an inferior cabinet position to show she still has the required strength to run the country.

Matched Betting and Politics

You can place bets using matched betting for almost anything. We’re guaranteed to make a profit no matter what happens. Matched betting is not gambling so you don’t need to pick a team that you think or hope or going to win. That’s why so many people use this method to make money online.

If there’s not a football match or horse race for example, you could bet on politics.

Uhh… not more politics, I hear some of you saying.

Whilst this may not excite everyone it still allows you to maximise your profit from matched betting when there are not as many sporting events to bet on. Perfect for the Summer.

It also mixes your matched betting up a bit. There’s nothing worse than a boring, monotonous routine!

Will there Be a Lay Market?

For those of you who are already matched betting experts, this is the next question: ‘Will there be a lay market?’

For every matched bet we need to make sure there is a lay market available. You can place matched bets at a betting exchange like Betfair Exchange or Smarkets.

In short, yes there are lay markets available. Smarkets, our preferred betting exchange, have a number of political markets available. However, Betfair are probably the ones to go for on this type of market. They are usually better for more discrete markets and the liquidity will undoubtedly be higher.


Overall, placing bets on different markets makes your matched betting more exciting. The more exciting you make something, the more you’ll want to continue with it. And in the case of matched betting this is awesome as it will allow you to make more money online.

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