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The ultimate March madness betting strategy Guide

The upcoming NCAA Tournament is one of the most exciting events in the sports world. Every spring, thousands of betters join the March madness. At the same time, beginners have many questions regarding the correct approach to betting.

The NCAA Tournament is a major sporting event that pits 68 of the best college basketball teams against each other. The main goal is to reach the Final Four. And this path is accompanied by fantastic wins, disappointing failures, and many bets for betters.

Features of Betting on March Madness

Betting on college basketball is generally similar to betting on regular basketball games. But March Madness has an entirely different intensity. The bookmaker’s work on compiling odds will begin immediately after the information on the 68 selected teams is published.

As teams win, lose, and move up the grid, the bookies form betting lines for the next games and those can be found at sites like this one:–madness. All this continues until the last round of the National Championship. The coefficients are also constantly adjusted depending on how the teams perform on the field.

Types of Bets on March Madness

First, a novice bettor needs to get acquainted with the types of bets that can be made as part of March Madness. We are talking about Point spread, Over/Under, and Moneyline.

Point Spread

The point spread is the estimated difference between the points teams will earn at the end of a match. Bookmakers use this betting to balance the competition among teams. To win, the team you bet on must win the opponent by more than the spread.

You can also bet on the loser. In this case, he should lose by less than the spread.

The difference in points can be significant during the early games of March Madness. This is because the favorites often meet with relatively weak teams on the field. As you progress through the tournament, the difference in points between opponents will be constantly reduced.


Over/Under is a bet that implies the predicted number of points each team will score in a tournament game. Bettors can bet on whether the final amount will be more or less than the amount set by the bookmaker.

Over/Under is recognized as one of the most challenging markets to bet on. During March Madness, somewhat unpredictable teams converge on the field.


Moneyline is great for beginner bettors as it is the biggest bet. You have to guess which team will win a particular game. Each group receives its money line value depending on the probability of winning.

In the early NCAA games, the money line will be higher, but the figure is constantly decreasing as you progress through the tournament. Moneyline is considered one of the most popular bets during March Madness.

What Other Bets Can Be Made on the March Madness

The popularity of March Madness among bettors has led bookmakers to create additional types of bets for the tournament.


Futures is a type of long–term betting. For example, you can bet on who won the National Championship. Or determine the team that will make it to the Final Four.

Futures betting is available throughout March Madness. At the same time, bookmakers constantly adjust the odds. The indicators depend on the results of previous games, injuries of key players, etc.


Props are an alternative bet option not included in the standard markets. They focus on the performance of a particular team. For example, you can try to guess the total number of three–point shots made, fouls committed per game, etc.

First to 15

First to 15 is one of the most exciting ways to bet during March Madness. As the name implies, you need to guess the team that will score 15 points first. The main advantage of this bet is that if you predict correctly, you will receive your winnings in the first 10–15 minutes of the match.

This rate may vary. For example, the bookmaker can set first to 20, 40, etc. The essence of the bet remains the same – you take the winnings if the selected team scores the specified number of points first.

Tournament MVP

The Tournament MVP bet is another type of long–term betting. The maximum odds will be available at the start of the tournament. As you play matches, it will gradually decrease.


Derivatives odds allow you to bet on a specific segment of the basketball game. For example, you can bet on how the first round of a particular match will end. Bets can be quite promising if the bettor understands the teams’ tendencies, the pace of the match, etc.


Before betting on NCAA tournaments, you will need to prepare carefully. One of the essential points is the study of commands. You must know how they played in previous seasons, what substitutions took place, whether key basketball players were injured before the matches, etc.

We also recommend choosing a trusted bookmaker for bets. Having a license and support payment methods that are convenient for you and have high coefficients is essential.