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How to make the most of free betting tips in 2019

If you love having a bet, but tend to lose money backing your own selections, it’s time you considered following free betting tips from a reliable source of professional tipsters.

What are free tips?

Free betting tips are sports betting tips you DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR.

That means you won’t have to part with any money to receive these free tips. You can find these free betting tips on a website or you can sign up to receive them by email or other forms of communication.

Are there different types of free betting tips?

Free betting tips tend to fall into three distinct categories.

The first of which is free betting tips offered on websites that have strong links to leading bookmakers, such as Sporting Life which is linked to Skybet.

There is nothing wrong with this, but the tipsters on these types of websites are paid to write interesting articles and give free tips that will encourage you to bet with a certain bookmaker.

The second category of free betting tips is those found on websites that belong to affiliate marketers.

These sorts of websites aim to encourage you to bet with one or more different bookmakers. Affiliates earn an introduction fee if you sign up to a new bookmaker and also get a cut of whatever money you bet with them afterwards.

This is how people make money from these kinds of free betting tips.

The third type of free betting tips are those offered by professional tipsters who make their money from a combination of betting on their own tips and from subscriptions to their premium services from members.

Why do professional tipsters offer free betting tips?

Ultimately, professional tipsters offer free betting tips to showcase their talents to punters that wouldn’t normally dream of paying for tips.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of their skills by betting on the free tips they offer.

If you’re impressed by any profits you make from betting on their free tips, you may decide to subscribe to a tipster to receive all of their recommended bets, but you won’t be under any obligation to do so.

What sort of free tips can I expect to receive?

You can check out a variety of free betting tips. The most popular of these is free horse racing betting tips. These will often cover the best of the UK and Irish flat racing, national hunt racing, and all-weather racing.

Another popular sport to bet on is football, and you can also receive a variety of free football betting tips for the English Premier League and other popular football leagues, cup competitions, and tournaments from around the world.

Golf betting is another sport that is becoming ever increasingly popular to bet on. You can check out free golf betting tips from professional punters and these will mainly focus on the following:

  • European Tour
  • PGA Tour
  • World Golf Championships
  • Majors

What’s the best way to follow free betting tips?

When following free betting tips from professional tipsters, you should take the process seriously as this is a potential opportunity to make some money. That’s why you need to make sure that you follow some simple rules of following a tipster.

Rule one is to start with a suitable betting bank balance.

That’s normally about 100x your average stake. So, if you’re going to stake £1 on each tip – start with £100, £2 on each tip – start with £200, £5 on each tip – start with £500. You get the idea…

You should also follow the staking plan. That means you should bet your chosen stake on each point suggested.

If the tipster recommends a 1-point bet, you place 1x your stake; 2 points you place 2x your stake; 3 points, you place 3x your stake etc.

Are there any disadvantages to following free tips from professional tipsters?

The only possible disadvantage of following free betting tips from professional tipsters is that those betting tips offered by a professional tipster platform may offer a random selection of betting tips from many tipsters.

But you can still use the free tips to your advantage by following these free betting tips to find out which tipsters you like the most that the platform offers.

If you find a tipster that you really like, this could be another reason to take a trial or subscribe to this tipster’s full premium service.