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Make Money from Football

Football is undoubtedly the world’s favourite sport. When it’s played well, it’s a pleasure to watch! No one’s sure who first used the phrase ‘the beautiful game’ to describe football, but it’s a great way to sum up the passion for the sport and how some people see it as an art.

So many of us love that Saturday afternoon at the ground, in the pub or on our sofa cheering on the team that we support.

The only thing that could be better is if you could make money from football from the comfort of your own home. Could you even watch your favourite team in the knowledge that you’ll make a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome?

Yes! Matched betting is your answer!

If you’ve never heard of this method before, listen up…

Matched betting is a risk and tax free technique taking advantage of bookies free bets and promotions. We use a method called back and lay betting which wipes out the risk involved with gambling.

Make Money From Football

Football is definitely the easiest sport to use for matched betting. The main reason for this is thanks to the huge number of people that bet on football games.

One of the key tips that we give to our members here at The Sure Bettor is to place bets on big events where the majority of the ‘money’ is. What do we mean by this?

We mean the markets where most people are betting. By placing our back and lay bets on these popular markets it makes the process a lot easier and helps us to merge in with regular gamblers.

At an online bookie you can usually find these popular markets within a ‘Popular’ or ‘Hot’ section. This is the same for betting exchanges and you’ll also be able to check the liquidity of a given market at a betting exchange. To understand liquidity we first need to look at what a betting exchange is.

Betting Exchanges

They’re basically platforms that match punters looking to back an outcome with those looking to lay an outcome. Two people placing opposite bets. They provide the technology so a gambler can bet against another gambler rather than a bookmaker. Betting exchanges don’t have any high street shops as they’re solely based online.

So, back to liquidity. It’s the amount of money waiting to be matched on either side of the market. If the liquidity is £100 for the back market, that means you could place a bet of £100. Any greater than £100 and your bet would not be accepted by the betting exchange.

Above is a screenshot of the liquidity at Betfair, the largest betting exchange, for a number of Champions League matches.

A Bit More About Matched Betting

Matched betting has been around for quite a while. This method has been available ever since Betfair opened the first betting exchange back in 1999. Since then, it’s taken a while for the method to pick up pace mainly due to the limited amount of free bets and promotions available to customers.

However, since the rise of the Internet the competition in the betting industry has shot up, meaning that bookies have to spend more to gain new customers. This gives us gamblers and matched bettors more promotions to take advantage of.

Nowadays, there are endless offers that matched bettors can take advantage of. Finding all the latest offers requires a lot of time which is one of the benefits to singing up to an assisted matched betting site like The Sure Bettor. We continually find all the latest and most worthwhile offers and add them all to our premium members platform.

Other Great Sports to Use

In actual fact it doesn’t matter what market we use to place our bets as we are guaranteed to make a profit no matter what the outcome. However, it’s easier to place our bets on certain events and sports.

It’s not just football that’s easy to place our matched bets on. Another great sport to use for matched betting is horse racing. In some respects betting on a horse is easier than staking money on a football team. However, we’ll cover why at a later stage.

Other Matched Betting Lovers

Match betting is 100% legal and has been praised and loved in a number of popular articles online. Here are just some of the articles we’re talking about:

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Overall matched betting is a great way to make money from football and other sports and you should definitely give it a try. We know you’ll love it.

Why not sign up for a free trial today?

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