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Love Island betting tips – Who’s going to win Love Island 2019?

With over 6 million viewers, it comes as no surprise that you will probably know of or even watch Love Island 2019.

The phenomenon that is Love Island, brings some controversial opinions, to say the least. Some of you may genuinely be interested in the contestants, and whether or not they find love in the villa.

Others simply watch it because when the clock hits 9 pm, there’s simply nothing better to do than to stick on the reality TV show where sun-soaked contestants lounge around a lavish villa all day and talk about their love life and their type of guy or girl.

Despite the fact that much of the public admit they hate to love the show, who wouldn’t want to miss out of those heated office discussions about who got dumped on last night’s episode or the question of is Maura Higgins playing a game?

Whatever the reason for tuning in, it simply is the most talked-about reality TV programme streamed in the months of June and July.

Hosted by Caroline Flack, the programme’s fast approaching finale will air on Monday 29th July with the favourite couple to be crowned the winners of Love Island winners 2019.

So which couple is going to win?

This will most likely come as no surprise to all of you reading this but the favourites to win are of the well-loved Tommy and Mollie-Mae.

For those of you that don’t know, you are probably thinking hmm where do I recognise that name from. Well, Tommy is the brother of heavyweight boxing legend, Tyson Fury, so it is not surprising that Tommy was one of the most anticipated contestants before entering the villa. So far he has maintained this popular opinion with the public, being the favourite boy to win the show.

However, Tommy cannot win the show alone and this is where his current girlfriend, Mollie-Mae comes in. The couple met at the end of the very first week of the show and hit it off immediately. Having had only a few minor interruptions to their pretty much smooth relationship, Tommy recently asked social media influencer Mollie to be his girlfriend.

It is therefore unsurprising that the British public has bought into the love story that is Tommy and Mollie, but what are the odds? And, who are the other potential winning couples?

So what are the odds?

With odds of 1.36, Tommy and Mollie are undoubtedly the bookmaker’s favourites to win this year’s Love Island. The crowned winners leave the villa with £50,000 with one person from the winning couple being asked whether they want to keep the money for themselves, or split it between them.

Whilst this may appear to be the safest bet, it should also be taken into consideration that other couples, Curtis and Maura and Ovie and Amber are also in the running.

With odds of 6.0, Curtis and Maura are the bookmakers’ second-favourites to win the show. More importantly, the couple is gaining more and more popularity as days in the love island villa go on with the British public becoming privy to their ever blossoming relationship.

However, they will have a very long way to go if they are to catch up Tommy and Mollie. And, last but not least, the bookies’ 3rd favourite couple to be crowned on the highly anticipated shows finale, is Ovie and Amber, with odds of 9.0.

As you have probably guessed, it is very unlikely that this couple will win the show due to the odds being so much less than Tommy and Mollie’s however as they say in Love Island never say never.

So who should you bet on?

In betting, it is not often you find odds that are as high or as strong as these and that’s part of the fun and what makes betting so exciting. However, in the case of this year’s Love Island, it seems apparent that Tommy and Mollie with odds of 1.36, are a pretty decent bet.

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