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Read Livs Matched Betting Story

Hi, I’m Liv, a student going into second year at Newcastle University.

I’ve decided to share with you guys my experience of matched betting and how it helped me enormously in my last few months of first year and how I plan to use it again this coming year.

Any of you who are currently at uni or who have been to uni will know that any student needs all the help they can get when it comes to money!

So how does matched betting help?

I don’t know about you, but for me, I loved going out, especially with the night life being so good in Newcastle. It was hard to say no. However, this was a bit of an issue when I didn’t have a job and was on the minimum maintenance loan one can get.

I first heard of matched betting at the beginning of my third term through some of my uni friends who were using it as a simple and easy way of making money online whilst not having to get up and go to work. I thought this fitted in perfectly with the student lifestyle of going out and being hungover and unable to move from my bed, but maybe that’s just me being lazy!

Many students do of course go out and get jobs eg. waitressing or doing bar work to give them extra money but for me, I didn’t really feel like I had the time to do this between lectures and going out around 4/5 times a week!

Regardless, in the free time that I did have to get a job, I wouldn’t have earned nearly as much as I have done matched betting with The Sure Bettor.

And what about The Sure Bettor?

So, I started looking at online tutorials of how matched betting worked and how I could earn an income simply from being in my flat on my laptop. There were some decent tutorials on YouTube but none of them compare to the simple and informative tutorials that The Sure Bettor offer for both their free and paying members. I would add that as a paying member you very quickly make the monthly subs back.

I started actually making money through matched betting about 2 weeks after I had watched the tutorials and understood the concept. It seemed a no brainer to me, even though I imagine it took me longer than most to grasp, I was making no risk profit by using the betting company’s money through their free bets.

Many of you may be thinking how I found The Sure Bettor and why I chose to sign up initially as a free member and then upgraded to being a premium member. I found The Sure Bettor whilst just having a rummage online. It called itself the ‘fastest growing matched betting community’ out there.

The fact that The Sure Bettor advertised itself not as the biggest matched betting company appealed as, at the time, I really didn’t understand the concept of matched betting and therefore I wanted a more personalised approach. I needed help getting to grips with it. Therefore, this smaller, was perfect for me,  rather than a large corporate one.

Would I recommend The Sure Bettor?

I would highly recommend The Sure Bettor. They gave me the exact information I needed in order to start earning money as quickly as possible.

It was because of this and their great incentives that I decided to become a premium member about 3 weeks after I started matched betting. By becoming a premium member, the range of video tutorials increases and they also find the latest and best bets to complete.

Why not join Liv and start making money online using matched betting? It’s free to sign up and you’ll make a guaranteed profit straight away!

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