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Is Matched Betting Worth It In 2017?

Matched betting is a method used by thousands of people up and down the country to make money online. This awesome betting technique takes advantage of the ‘bonus culture’ that exists in the betting industry today. That is the huge amount of offers the bookies promote to incentivise new and existing customers to keep gambling.

Despite it’s popularity one of the most frequent questions we get asked is: Is matched betting worth it in 2017? It’s such a common question we thought we’d write an in depth article on it and work out whether matched betting is still worth it in 2017.

The First Betting Exchange

Before we dive into the main subject let’s go back a few years to when matched betting began…

Betfair were the ones who made matched betting possible thanks to their innovative concept back in 2000. They created the first betting exchange. A platform that allows gamblers to bet against each other rather than against the bookie. They simply provide the technology which matches gamblers who want to place opposite bets.

Traditional bookmakers make money through offering less efficient odds, however, this wouldn’t work with Betfair’s platform. Therefore they decided to charge a commission on each customers net winnings. A simple structure where the gambler knows exactly how much the company are taking. Some take 2%, others take 5%.

Betfair shook the betting industry and they just kept growing at staggering rate, mainly thanks to more flexibility and better odds for the gambler. They are arguably the driving force behind the online betting industry.

Matched bettors have a lot to thank Betfair and other betting exchanges for. Mainly that they’ve allowed us to make money online.

Is the Concept Still the Same?

Yes, the concept behind matched betting is still the same. It follows the strategy outlined below:

  • Find an offer to take advantage of. Let’s say Coral offer £20 in free bets when you sign up.
  • To qualify for the free bet you must bet £5 when you open your account.
  • So you place a £5 bet, offsetting it a betting exchange to cancel out any risk. You then have your £20 free bet to use how you like.
  • Now you place your £20 free bet, again offsetting it at a betting exchange and this time making a guaranteed profit.

For each bet we complete we place two opposite bets, one at a bookie and one at a betting exchange. This concept is called back and lay betting. It’s the technique we use to mitigate any risk involved with normal betting.

Obviously there’s a little more to it but we go into further details in other articles. If you’re unsure about how the method works in any way visit this article or get in touch with us.

Matched betting is not gambling and it never has been. We work out the exact profit we make from each bet before the event has even started. To do this we use a special matched betting calculator.

The ‘Bonus Culture’ in Modern Gambling

Initially matched betting took a while to get going. There was less competition in the betting industry which meant the bookies didn’t have to offer as many promotions.

However in the last few years, with the rise of online gambling, the competition has sky rocketed. This means bookies have to do more to entice both new and existing customers. This is when matched betting really took hold and the technique started to become more profitable.

Ben Cleminson, a director at communications consultancy firm Square in the Air, recently said bookies are willing to spend up to £300 in promotions and free bets to acquire new customers. This goes to show how competitive the betting industry is and the lengths each bookmaker are willing to go to open new accounts.

There are now hundreds of bookies online offering sign up promotions to new customers and what we call reload offers for those who already have accounts open. Using matched betting we can make a guaranteed profit from a great deal of these promotions. What’s more, all of our profits are tax free thanks to the changes the Government made in 2001 and 2014.

With the huge range of offers available it’s obviously a great method to make money online!

Premium matched betting at The Sure Bettor

Assisted Matched Betting

Time is precious and working smart is the key to maximising results across a huge range of industries. Matched betting is no different.

To make the most from matched betting there is great value in singing up to a matched betting website. You pay a monthly fee to be a member, they find all the latest offers for you, read the terms and conditions and walk you through each offer. There’s also no need to use an Excel spreadsheet anymore as some matched betting sites have a tracking feature built in.

This all sounds great…

But Is Matched Betting Worth It In 2017?

For some reason, is matched betting worth it, is one of the most frequently asked questions from people interested in starting matched betting.

A large number of people are probably skeptical about the method and unsure whether it’s really worth putting in the time to learn.

Let’s set one thing straight. Matched betting is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. We’re not going to promise you make millions overnight. There is no such thing on the Internet so if you’re looking for that you may as well stop now. What matched betting is, is a great way for you to make a second income online from the comfort of your own home risk and tax free.

Granted, matched betting can be a challenging concept when you first start. However, with expert help from sites like The Sure Bettor and by putting in some effort you’ll be a pro in no time. The rewards are well worth it.

If you’ve got a spare minute, head to Google and do a quick search for ‘free bets’

See what I mean. There are hundreds of bookies all offering free bets in return for you to sign up. Using matched betting we can make a guaranteed profit from most of these sign up offers.

Long Term Profitability

We also get a lot of people asking about the long term profitability of this technique. If you’ve already got a number of bookie accounts open you’re probably wondering is matched betting worth it in the long run?

In one word, Yes!

There are a huge range of offers for existing customers, called ‘reload offers’, which means there is plenty of profit to be made long term. A number of these offers are available for top flight football games and horse racing events on a weekly basis.

This makes matched betting enjoyable as well as profitable.

You won’t be able to get such a big bang from reload offers as you do from sign up offers but if you work at them consistently you can definitely make up to £1000 a month. An awesome second income! We update our site on a daily basis with all the latest reload offers making it easier for you to make money online.

A number of our experienced members reach £1000 per month on a regular basis. However, it really depends on how much time you’re willing to invest in to this method. Obviously the more, the better.


So, Is Matched Betting worth it in 2017?

Yes, matched betting is undoubtedly still worth it and in my view it’s still the best way to make money online.

Matched betting is definitely at it’s most profitable time thanks to the fierce competition in the betting industry. Furthermore, this is a trend that is only set to continue as more betting companies enter the fray.

Why not give it a go today and see if matched betting is worth it. It’s free to sign up and you’ll make up to £45 straight away. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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