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Casino 101: How To Play Blackjack For Beginners

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Perhaps you’ve seen James Bond’s casino scene in License to Kill or Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise’s iconic 1988 film, Rain Man? Either way, both films featured one of the world’s most popular casino games – blackjack.

It should come as no surprise that blackjack has been featured prominently in several of the world’s most iconic films, as it is simple and easy to understand. Maybe watching such films has stimulated your curiosity and fascination with this well-known casino game, leaving you curious as to how it is performed. Worry not, for this article’s got you covered. 

What Is Blackjack?

Blackjack, commonly known as 21 or pontoon, is a casino card game that is popular worldwide. Although its origins are disputed, it is unmistakably tied to a number of Italian and French gambling games.

As it has been greatly emphasized, it is one of the most famous casino games anyone can play, but it is primarily played by betting enthusiasts since it is simple to learn and has a low house edge. This means that, among other casino games, it provides players a more considerable opportunity to win. 

Although you may have seen this casino game played in the infamous Sin City, Las Vegas, as it is featured in the movies, the advent of the card game on the internet offers players the ease of participating from the comfort of their own homes. You can play blackjack games at FanDuel Casino and have a fun time. 

Objectives Of The Game

The game’s objective is pretty simple: it’s to beat the dealer. And in order to beat the dealer, the player’s goal must be to achieve a hand value closer to or in a total of 21 than the dealer, without drawing a hand value exceeding 21. 

Rules Of The Game

There are numerous rules and deck counts to choose from when playing blackjack, but it is most commonly played with an 8- or 6-deck variant. Although single deck and double deck games are still popular, not all casinos that offer blackjack will provide this type of deck variants, making “shoe games” more prevalent. 

The Cards

Moreover, when playing this game, you should know the values that each card holds. A deck consisting of 52 cards is used when playing the game wherein the cards two to ten hold the same values as the number printed on the cards. Jack, Queen, and King are worth 10, but the Ace card can either be worth one or eleven, whichever is deemed significant to your hand values. 

The Chips

Each player places a wager prior to the start of the deal. And to place your wager, you need to have chips. It is a requirement before you can begin playing at the table. Most casinos will no longer accept wagers on “cash plays,” which means you will have to allow the dealer to swap your cash for casino chips on the table.

The Deal

After wagers are placed, the dealer will begin dealing with the cards clockwise. To begin, each player will receive one card, face-up, and the same goes for the dealer. Then the dealer will deal again, still giving each player a face-up card, but the card will be faced down for the dealer. However, the rules for dealing vary from casino to casino. 

The Play

A starting hand consisting of an ace and a ten-valued card is referred to as a Blackjack, and it defeats all other hands, with the exception of another Blackjack. It is possible to get a push or a tie when the player and the dealer hold a Blackjack. As a result, both of them lose, and the money staked is then returned to the player.

However, if neither you nor the dealer got a blackjack, you can decide how you want to play your hand. Below are the following ways:

  • Stand: No additional action can be taken by you who are satisfied with the amount dealt. When your total hand value is not higher than 21, you can take this move at any time throughout the game.
  • Hit: If you’re unsatisfied with your total hand value and desire to improve your total, you’ll have to signal the dealer by tapping the felt with your hand. Then, you can either have a bust or a stand.
  • Double Down: The dealer can hand you just one additional card if your total hand value is favorable, but if you need additional cards, you can double your initial stake, and the dealer will give you only one other card.
  • Split: If you are handed two cards of equivalent worth, you may place a second bet then the dealer will split the cards into two new hands. This also holds for face cards.
  • Surrender: Surrendering your hand may be an option in some casinos if you are unhappy with your initial hand. In other words, you can be given an option to give up in return for your initial wagering amount.


If you’re serious about mastering the art of playing this well-known casino game, it will take some time and effort, especially if you want to apply some strategies. But, more importantly, if you want to win at blackjack, always remember, you have to beat the dealer!