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Why learning to place a goliath bet is worth your time

There’s no doubt about it; the sports betting market in the UK has grown exponentially on the back of sustained innovation.

The introduction of in-play betting has been particularly impactful, for example, with a high percentage of specific sports audiences wagering on the action as they watch it.

The so-called ‘Goliath bet’ is another fascinating addition and one that combines multiple selections within a single wager. A good calculator is useful if you’re going to build a successful Goliath bet, as is an underlying knowledge of specific sports and individual selections.

But what exactly is this wager, and why should you care as a punter? Let’s find out!

What is a Goliath Bet and why should you place it?

At its heart, a Goliath bet is a complicated wagering system that combines a huge number of selections in a single wager.

More specifically, this type of wager will contain a whopping 247 separate bets, and you’ll be required to make eight selections at your chosen sportsbook and compile them into a single, mammoth bet.

As for the precise mechanism, this will include 28 double bets drawn from eight selection, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and a single 8-fold. This makes for a huge number of selections and it’s fair to say that the cumulative odds of winning with this type of wager are prohibitive.

The potential stake is also huge when placing a Goliath bet, even in instances where you allow nominal amounts for each individual selection.

However, the combination of prohibitive odds and a large stake provides an opportunity to land potentially massive wins. It is also possible to secure a return without all of your selections coming home.

This is an important consideration, as while you could stake a similar amount and seek out large gains on a typical 8-fold accumulator, this would require all of the selections to be successful to land a win.

This balance of risk and reward undoubtedly adds to the appeal of the Goliath bet, which is fast becoming one of the most popular and thrilling wagers in the world of virtual sports betting.

What’s a Goliath bet calculator and how does it work?

We spoke earlier about a Goliath bet calculator, and it’s fair to say that this plays a central role in formulating your wager and mapping out any potential returns.

Make no mistake: it’s virtually impossible to build this type of bet without the assistance provided by a calculator unless you happen to be a mathematics genius with incredibly advanced mental numerical skills!

However, using a Goliath bet calculator is far from complicated, as you simply need to enter the stake amounts for each of the wagers that you want to place and choose your eight selections.

Then, enter the corresponding levels for each selection, and you’ll be able to access a clear breakdown of the wager and its core value proposition.

Aside from enabling you to formulate and appraise potential Goliath bets in real and double-quick time, the use of a calculator also provides reassurance that your outcomes have been accurately forecast and accounted for.

The quick and accurate insight provided by a Goliath bet calculator also helps you to make more informed decisions when formulating the wager, as you can identify which selections offer the best value in relation to your stake and the potential return.

Interestingly, this type of advanced calculator can also be used to evaluate other iterations of popular system bet. In fact, it can calculate up to 15 selections in your sportsbook of choice, enabling you to formulate incredible wagers that are incredibly well informed despite their relative complexity.

The last word – Is the Goliath bet the king of system wagers?

The reference to similar system bets is interesting, as it further highlights the way in which the sports betting market has evolved in the digital age.

Ranging from three selections up to 15, these wagers offer tremendous value to punters and enable
them to profit from even the most complex betting mechanisms and formulations.

Despite this, it’s hard to argue with the assertion that the Goliath bet is the king of all system wagers, and there are a couple of key reasons for this.

Firstly, this provides access to eight selections and an impressive 247 single bets, which is far more comprehensive than the majority of system wagers out there.

Secondly, you can profit from a Goliath bet even in instances where some bets fail, and this is not the case in traditional seven or eight-fold accumulators. So long as each wager in an individual selection comes in, you can cash your winnings and hopefully secure a return on your stake!

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