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Global Betting Market Continues to Rise – How Matched Betting Benefits

According to India-based research firm, the global betting market will grow at a compound annual growth of 8.62% over the next four years to 2022. This is great news for matched betting for reasons we’ll discuss later in this article.

The report, called the ‘Global Sports Betting Market 2018-2022’ claims the reason behind this growth is down to the huge boom in the online betting industry. This is not surprising considering how well the digital betting sector has done in the past five years and will continue to do in the foreseeable future.

The report went as far to say that the online gambling market is slowly becoming the fastest growing sector in the e-commerce industry. Whilst this is a big statement, there is no doubt in the speed of growth of this industry.

Whilst this report details the entire global betting market, the online industry will contribute a high proportion of this growth. Unfortunately for traditional shop gamblers, the high-street bookies are dying a slow death. It won’t be long until there are only a few shops dotted around the country. The high-street bookies simply can’t compete with their online counterparts.

FOBTs crack down

With a strict crack down on FOBTs (fixed odds betting terminals) coming in the next few weeks, this trend is set to continue. These betting machines are a huge money spinner for the bookies. Each machine pulls in roughly £50,000 a year. UK punters spend over £1.5 billion a year on betting machines, a ridiculous figure but at the same time a great deal of revenue for betting firms.

With tighter restrictions coming, this revenue stream is likely going to suffer. The betting firms are fast running out of ways to keep high-street betting shops profitable.

Fortunately for us matched bettors, the demise of high-street betting shops does not affect our profitability. Thankfully, the online betting industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.

What makes online betting so enticing?

Online betting is hugely popular, but what makes it so attractive to the modern gambler? Below are a few of the main reasons.

Ease of betting online

Placing bets online is effortless.

It’s far easier unlocking your smart phone, opening a betting app and placing a bet than travelling to your local high-street betting shop. Whilst traditional gamblers would hate to say it, there is nothing up for debate here.

It’s not just the betting industry struggling with this, the whole retail sector is tackling exactly the same problem. Getting customers into high-street shops is becoming an ever more difficult challenge.

Customer trust

With customers welcoming online payments as a safe, reliable and straightforward method, more punters are happy to place their bets online. Secure payments are becoming an industry standard as the bookies rely on them for the majority of their business.


Online betting is incredibly flexible. There are so many different betting companies a customer can choose. Head down to your local high-street and there might only be a couple of bookies to choose from.

This is also the case with markets available. You have access to thousands of potential markets online, whilst this is not possible in your local betting store.

You can also place bets from anywhere in the world, as long as the betting firm is licensed to operate in the country you’re in. If this isn’t the case, there are ways to get round this such as using a VPN.

Which bookies are driving this growth?

In the report, 888 Holdings, GVC Holdings, Kindred Group, Paddy Power Betfair and William Hill were all named as the main competitors and the ones to look out for in the next four years. In today’s world of giant online bookmakers, this pretty much includes all the key bookies.

How matched betting benefits

For us matched bettors this is brilliant news. We would love the online betting industry to continue to grow. If bookies are making money, then so are we. They can afford to spend a greater amount on marketing and offer more free bets and bonuses for new and existing customers.

As you probably know, these are the offers matched bettors take advantage of on a daily basis. We use a technique called back and lay betting which reduces any risk in placing your bets and makes the process much more rewarding.

There’s no better feeling than beating the bookies at their own game. For too long, they’ve taken people’s hard earned cash thanks to the old saying ‘the house always wins’ becoming too true.

It’s time to change that with matched betting.

Profit with matched betting

Would you love to make some extra income to spend how you wish? Would you like to pay back some of those student debts? Whatever your reason for wanting some more cash, matched betting is the number one way to achieve it.

At first, no risk matched betting can be quite a challenging concept to get your head around. That’s why we suggest you summon the help of a matched betting site. You’ll have access to hundreds of tutorials and a brilliant support network full of matched betting experts.

Don’t just take our word for it though, why not give our free trial a go here at The Sure Bettor?

We’ll see you on the inside very soon.

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