Gambling in New Zealand 2023: An expert’s guide

Gambling has been a part of New Zealand culture for centuries. From traditional Maori games such as mau rākau to the modern online casinos that have become increasingly popular in recent years, Kiwis are no strangers to the rush of gambling.

But with new laws and regulations governing the industry in 2023, what do you need to know as a gambler? Learn more about NZ$ online casinos, gambling history, the regulatory landscape, and more in this comprehensive guide to gambling in New Zealand 2023.

Legalization status  

In 2020, the New Zealand government passed legislation legalizing certain forms of online casino gaming. This law allowed licensed operators to offer real money games such as slots, table games, and video poker via their websites or mobile apps. In addition, betting on horse racing was legalized earlier this year (2021), allowing Kiwis to place bets on both domestic and international races from the comfort of their own home.

Moreover, lottery draws were also legalized in 2021 after being illegal in previous years due to concerns about problem gambling rates among young people.

Regulatory framework   

New Zealand has a strong regulatory framework in place that governs the online gambling industry. All licensed operators must adhere to strict regulations including responsible gambling policies, player protection measures, and regular monitoring of their operations. The government also requires all sites to use age verification systems to ensure that only those over 18 years of age can access their services.

Online gambling sites are also subject to regular audits by the Gambling Commission, which ensures that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Finally, all licensed operators must display prominent warnings about the potential risks of gambling on their websites and apps.

Types of gambling available 

The types of gambling available in New Zealand vary depending on where you live. In most regions, both land-based and online casinos are legal and regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). In addition, some forms of sports betting and lottery games are also legal and regulated.

However, some regions restrict certain types of gambling—such as slot machines—to certain establishments. Be sure to check with your local government before participating in any form of gambling. Most gaming machines can be found in pubs and clubs throughout the country but some are available online with special permission from local councils. 

Online casinos in New Zealand today

This 2023, there are a number of licensed online casinos available in New Zealand. All of these sites offer a variety of slots, table games, and video poker with some offering unique variants that you won’t find anywhere else. Many also provide access to live dealer platforms where you can play against real people from around the world in real-time.

In addition, some sites offer sports betting and other forms of wagering that can be a great way to make a little extra money if you know what you’re doing. And, for those looking for something different, many online casinos also provide access to virtual reality gaming experiences, allowing players to immerse themselves in thrilling 3D worlds.

Responsible gambling 

Responsible gambling is more important than ever before. The DIA has implemented strict regulations to ensure that customers are protected from potential harm. These regulations include age verification procedures for all online casinos, as well as measures designed to prevent problem gambling such as deposit limits, time limits on play sessions, and self-exclusion options for those who feel they may be at risk of developing a gambling addiction. Players need to familiarize themselves with these rules and take advantage of them if necessary.  

Gambling tips & tricks  

If you are new to the world of gambling, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different games and types of bets available. Many online casinos offer tutorials and tips sections that can help you understand how best to play a particular game or bet type. Additionally, strategies for some more common games like poker and blackjack can be found online, giving players the chance to gain an edge over the house.

Finally, when playing online, it is important to remember to remain conservative with your bets. While the potential for large payouts can be tempting, they come at a risk. It is always better to play slowly and steadily so as not to put yourself in too much financial danger.

With proper regulation and responsible gambling practices in place, New Zealanders can enjoy the thrill of online gambling in a safe and secure environment.


Gambling has been part of New Zealand culture since its earliest days – but with new laws and regulations governing the industry now more than ever before, it’s important that Kiwi gamblers stay informed about their rights when it comes to enjoying the thrill of a casino game or placing a bet on a race or draw at home or abroad!

With this expert’s guide you should now have all the information you need about what types of gambling are available to you legally here in New Zealand 2023 – so get out there and have fun responsibly!