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Gambling lessons to learn from Michael Jordan

Mention the name Michael Jordan and you will have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t know the man.

Even for someone who is not a fan of basketball and know barely a thing about it, someone would know who Michael Jordan is. The man is such a legend that people look up to him and learn from him when it comes to things about success, perseverance, and discipline.

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Did you know that even in gambling, you can learn something from MJ, too?

As you read about the best bookmakers and betting sites over at Silentbet, here are some lessons you can learn from Michael Jordan that also applies to gambling and betting.

Failure is not the end

“Failure makes me work even harder.”

Not every bet is a winning bet. In fact, there are more losing bets that you can make compared to the winning ones. Still, losing is not a reason to stop what you are doing.

As long as you love what you doing, and are happy doing it, do not mind the losses. Do not fear failure. Rather, use it to your advantage by learning from it and becoming better next time around.

Make sure to put in the work in everything you do

“Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop, I’d close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it,” Michael Jordan once said. “That usually got me going again.”

Never hesitate to put in the work, even in being a gambler. Strive to learn skills and strategies, along with new terminology and jargon used in specific games.

Make sure that you not just bet, but you wager your money with confidence, knowing that you have put in the work when doing your research.

Learn to accept change

Micahel Jordan is no stranger to change, and the ability to be open it to it. While he is known more for being a legend in basketball, Jordan did have a short career in professional baseball.

This was after he retired from basketball in 1993, shortly after he won his first three championships. He did not make it as big when he played baseball (and eventually got out of retirement in basketball), but he proved that there is nothing bad about change, as long as it is something that you want to do.

In gambling, a casino, or a specific game may not be profitable for you. Perhaps it’s the system not being a fit to your style, or some other factors. The point is, never be afraid of change if you need to learn new things as well.

Learn to accept things and move on

Another one of the most popular quotes by Jordan is: “It happens all the time in basketball: one team gets out to a big lead only to get overconfident and lose the game in the final seconds. Their mistake is thinking about the victory celebration instead of focusing on the game at hand.”

The same can be applied to gambling and betting. Not all bets are good bets. Sometimes, even the most experienced experts make bad bets that causes them to lose money. However, the ability to accept those mistakes, learn from it, and move on is essential to learn and adapt.

Final thoughts

Michael Jordan was never known for gambling. He is far from being a professional gambler. However, he is, without a doubt, considered as one of the greatest athletes in his field, making him someone you would want to learn about success and life lessons from.