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Gambling Commission Fines 888Sport Over ‘Serious Failings’

We learnt today that 888Sport, one of Britain’s biggest online gambling companies, will pay a record fine of £7.8 million. The Gambling Commission has concluded that 888 had a technical failure which meant 7,000 vulnerable customers were still able to access their account and place bets.

These customers had taken the necessary steps to block their accounts however 888’s technology had ‘significant flaws’ meaning they were still able to gamble on the Bingo platform.

One customer in question is said to have wagered over £1.3 million, £55,000 of which they stole from their employer, over a 13 month period. This customer was sentenced to 16 months in prison for theft and false accounting. Had 888Sport blocked this customers account this crime may not have happened in the first place. The Gambling Commission has demanded that 888 pay back the employer in question for the damage caused, along with other fines to make sure ‘lessons are learnt.’

The Gambling Commission and Customer Protection

The Gambling commission are very tight on vulnerable customers and after the example above it’s clear to see why. According to Sarah Harrison, chief executive at the Gambling Commission, ‘There are around two million people now in Britain who either are problem gamblers or are at risk of problem gambling.’

‘Companies are beginning to put different practices in place to identify people right up front, but more needs to be done. We need to go further and we need to go faster.’

More and more betting companies are facing customer protection issues and are working with the gambling commission to eradicate any problems they have. Earlier this year BGO Entertainment were fined £300,000 for misleading advertisments on its own and affiliates’ websites.

Gambling is meant to be a bit of fun. Customers should only stake the amount they are happy to lose. Betting companies have access to each individuals betting history and they should step in before any problems are created.

Matched Betting is Not Gambling

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