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Football Index vs traditional betting – What’s the difference?

How does Football Index differ from traditional betting and which option is better for football punters in 2020?

These are some of the most popular questions we get asked when fans come across Football Index. So in this article, we’ll check out the difference between the two and assess which option is better.

What is Football Index?

Before we get started, I want to quickly recap what Football Index is.

In simple terms, it’s an online platform that allows you to buy and sell shares in football players. Punters make a profit by earning dividends and/or selling players when their value rises.

Traders with great football knowledge, who make wise selections can make a great profit on the Index.

Football Index is taking on established bookmakers with a new and innovative model that brilliantly combines betting and trading.

What do I mean by traditional betting?

When I refer to traditional betting, I’m talking about the bets you’d place at your favourite bookmaker like Coral or Ladbrokes for example.

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This betting format has been around for a while and is still incredibly popular today.

But with the introduction of new betting models like Football Index and Betconnect, the competition is hotting up.

How does Football Index work?

Before we look at the key differences between Football Index and traditional betting sites and discuss which platform is better, let’s check out how Football Index works.

As I mentioned earlier, FI works by allowing traders to buy and sell shares in football players.

It works like the financial stock market, but just for footballers. If you buy a player and the shares rise, you’ll make a profit if you sell.

As with most things, an example always helps.

At a traditional bookmaker like Coral, you might place a bet on Mohamed Salah to score during a Manchester City game.

Once the final whistle has blown, your bet is over. If Salah scores, you’d win the bet and vice versa if he doesn’t.

Compare this with Football Index where you’d purchase a number of shares in Mo Salah which are currently priced at £4.04.

Mohamed Salah Football Index

Rather than betting on the outcome of one game, you’re effectively betting on the future performances of Mo Salah.

What does this mean for you?

It means your bets or trades if you like, are standing for an indefinite amount of time, until you want to sell your player.

This could be a benefit if you pick your players wisely.

Football Index vs traditional betting

With traditional betting, there is a certain excitement thanks to the time limit of the bet. Most bets expire after a game or two depending on the type of bet.

Admittedly you do lose a bit of that excitement when you buy and sell shares on Football Index. There’s not the same rush when your player scores in the last minute for example.

However, it all depends on what you want out of your football betting strategy. If you prefer less risky bets, I suggest you’re more suited to Football Index.

Using your football knowledge

If you have an abundance of football knowledge you may be better trading on Football Index. In the long run, you’d expect to make a good profit if you know which players to buy and sell.

Your top players may keep earning you dividends whilst also increasing in value. Both of which are great for your Football Index profit.

Whilst you can use your football knowledge with traditional betting and it’s something I recommend you do, there’s no way of predicting the outcome of a game every time.

You always hear of an upset where an underdog beats a favourite. In such scenarios, your entire profit may be wiped out if your bet goes the wrong way.

Which option is better?

Another question we often get asked is which is better ‘Football Index or traditional betting’.

It’s hard to give you a definite answer to this as it varies from person to person. It’s very subjective.

Betting is still incredibly fun and entertaining in a different way to that of trading with Football Index. If you prefer to go with a gamble, I suggest you stick to traditional betting.

However, if you’re interested in a more calculated risk, Football Index may certainly be right up your street.

By using Football Index over more traditional bookmakers like Ladbrokes and Coral, you could say you receive much more value.

Get started with Football Index today

As you can see, Football Index is very different from traditional betting. However, the platform provides a great mixture of trading and betting.

And it’s proving to be very popular with footy fans up and down the country.

Overall, Football Index is a brilliant platform that you should certainly consider if you’re looking to make football more interesting.

What’s more, you can hone your skills and knowledge in order to make a profit.

You can get started with Football Index today with a £500 money-back guarantee. To take advantage of this, click the following link:

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