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How to win at football betting: Experiences of a grandmaster

Experienced bookmakers shared their experiences and gave players tips on sports betting. Some of them received significant sums of money by guessing the results of football matches.

A 62-year-old bookmaker who wanted to stay anonymous told that he charged a dozen “maximums” by hitting only football results.

“I must have earned about half a million euros. I had the last big payout five or six years ago. At that time, the maximum payments were not as big as now, in millions of euros, but I was satisfied with those few hundred thousand per ticket,” he says.

He dealt the hardest blow to the “Stanley Bet” betting shop ten years ago, when he won as much as 350,000 euros, for the invested 20 euros, and the local press also wrote about that profit. He revealed the rules he follows when filling out tickets.

“Before every weekend, I make sure to buy sports literature. I analyze everything, and draw the 40 most interesting pairs I would play, compare the odds. Then I first eliminate matches where the bookmaker gives a better offer than is realistic.

Except for free online games, who else gives something for free today? I never play the first and last game on offer, I ignore the odds below 1.65, if small odds come, everyone would take the money, I never put duels of the first two and last two teams on the table, they are montages, that’s where the players get most caught.

I don’t play favorites, more than two matches from one league, I don’t mix small and big odds. Once I paid ten identical tickets with ten of the same pairs and ‘hooked’ the maximum payout on each. When I had to withdraw money, the procedure was like that that I had to go to the bookmaker’s headquarters “, he says.

There, he said that he played with friends, but he asked for the money to be paid into one account, and the money went according to the agreement, so everything was correct. He also has evidence, he copied tickets and newspaper clippings, and he remembers that an employee at the bookmaker’s headquarters cried out: “What have you done to us?”

“I comforted her that they were lucky that I didn’t have much money,” he remembers.

He played as a left-winger and was a great hope until his knee was injured. In football, he follows everything to the last detail, but he cites luck as the main reason for his betting successes.

“Luck is crucial, factor number one. I have my 14 rules when composing tickets, and a million dice need to be matched. My stakes are not big, and I recommend that everyone avoid chasing winnings with big money or gamble on some extreme games.

I know from experience that gambling is the most expensive and worst vice. A passionate gambler also has a jack of money a day to satisfy his need,” he says.

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