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Football accumulator tips – How to win your accas in 2019

By August 7, 2019Betting

Before we look into the best football accumulator tips and tricks, let’s clear up what an accumulator actually is and why they’re so popular in the modern world of gambling.

So what is an accumulator?

An accumulator or acca as it’s also known as is a bet that contains multiple selections in one.

For the overall bet to win, each selection in the acca must win. So if one part of your accumulator lets you down, the bet is a losing one.

An acca must contain at least four single selections to be classed as an accumulator.

These types of bet are incredibly popular with modern punters. The main reason being a small stake can potentially return a large profit.

Accumulators work by multiplying the odds of each selection typically creating large odds.

Bettors typically place accumulators on football bets and specifically different teams to win their respective fixtures.

For more information on accumulators and how they work, check out this article.

So now you know a little more about what accas are and how they work, let’s get into our football accumulator tips.

  • Research your accumulators
  • Pick your selections wisely
  • Find accumulator offers
  • Follow accumulator tipsters

Research your accumulators

Our first football accumulator tip is to do your research.

If you’re serious about making money with any betting strategy, it’s vital you complete thorough research before placing any bets. The more information you find; the more informed bets you can place.

One of the best strategies in this regard is to make decisions based on previous form and results. This allows you to pick the best selections in order to make more profit.

It can be a good idea to select one team and follow their form in depth. Whilst this will limit the number of bets you can place, you’ll have more knowledge when it comes to placing your bets.

If a certain team is on a run and continues to win, they’re probably a great option for your accumulator. On the other hand, if a team is losing then you should arguably add them to your accumulator as a losing fixture.

Amateur punters are sometimes put off by the amount of work needed to research a certain team. They’d prefer to place their bets on gut instinct.

However, one of the key betting sayings comes to mind, ‘don’t bet with your heart’. In simple terms, this is saying don’t make decisions based on emotion, as you’ll end up out of pocket.

To ensure your betting strategy is profitable, you need to pick with your analytical brain. There’s no point wasting time placing bets on your gut feeling, you’ll only lose money in the long run.

Serious, long term bettors spend far more time researching their bets in order to make the most profitable picks so you should copy what they do.

What’s great is that all of this information is readily available for free thanks to the Internet and media coverage.

You’ll be able to find expert picks, injury news and head to head results amongst other things. There’s really no excuse for going that extra mile in terms of your accumulator research.

It’s important to add that your results will not always go the way you want. At the end of the day, you’re betting on live sport and anything can happen.

However, in the long term, researching your bets will allow you to beat the bookmakers on a more regular basis.

Pick your selections wisely

Our second football accumulator tip is to pick your accumulators wisely.

Similar to the point above, it’s important to find valuable betting markets. When picking a bookmaker to place your bets, research the entire betting industry for the best odds on certain markets.

This process is called line shopping and it’s vital to long term success with your betting strategy. You can use sites like Oddschecker and Oddsportal to help you with this process.

If you can’t find the right odds on your selected markets, try some alternative markets like Both Teams to Score or Correct Score. You don’t always need to stick to Win/Draw/Win, think outside the box slightly.

There are obviously other markets you can utilise in your football accumulators.

Don’t overdo your accumulators

When placing your football accumulator bets, avoid getting carried away and adding 15 or more selections.

Most bookmakers allow you to place up to 18 single selections or sometimes more in one accumulator.

Whilst this is great, you’re unlikely to land a bet with more than 10 selections. If you do, well you’re on to some big winnings.

I’m not trying to put you off accumulators, it’s just important to bear in mind that they’re quite unlikely to win when there are loads of selections.

I recommend you stick to less than 10 accumulators. Not to worry, the potential winnings are still going to be very high if you pick wisely.

Don’t use massive stakes

Another tip that falls into picking your selections is not using massive stakes.

The great thing about accumulators is that you don’t need to wager huge amounts to win big. Since the odds are multiplied, even a small stake of just £10 could return a large profit.

Overall, I recommend you don’t chase that one huge win, instead go for smaller, more frequent accumulator wins.

When is it best to place your accumulators?

So what’s the best time to place your accumulator bets?

The best time to place your accumulator bets is during the football season. There are plenty of betting opportunities available and a huge number of teams to bet on.

The season generally kicks off during the Summer months and finishes in late Spring.
During this period, there are generally multiple fixtures each week for any given team.

Whilst football is not the only sport to place your football accumulators, it’s certainly the easiest and most popular.

Find accumulator offers

Our third football accumulator tip is to look out for offers and other promotions.

It’s important to keep your eye out for special accumulator betting offers. As you probably know, bookmakers constantly promote a range of different promotions and incentives and the same goes for accumulators.

Let’s be honest, picking winning accumulators is not an easy task. It’s therefore important to maximise the odds of your acca by looking for accumulator boosts and bonuses.

The more selections you add to your accumulator; the larger the odds you get. What’s more, a lot of bookmakers may boost your accumulators when you add more selections or reach a certain number of selections.

From their point of view, a winning acca only gets more unlikely as the number of selections increases. So bookies are generally happy to entice you to place more bets in your accumulator.

However, with some clever research, you can increase the value of your accumulator bets through using accumulator boosts.

You may have seen the recent Ladbrokes advert which promotes what they call an acca boosty. In simple terms, they boost your acca so the potential returns are increased.

Accumulators tipsters

There’s a lot of industry debate with regards to betting tipsters. Some bettors think they’re great whereas others are concerned they’re just in it for themselves.

I tend to think tipsters are great as long as you find reliable ones with previous betting data.

It can sometimes be beneficial to follow specifics tipsters when it comes to accumulator betting.

As I’ve already mentioned, when it comes to tipsters, it’s best to check their history and previous betting data before following them and placing any bets.

I also recommend you don’t pay for any tips, there are plenty of sites out there that provide this information for free without the need for paying.

Accumulators – an overview

Overall, accumulators are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to betting on football.

It’s best to do your research before placing any bets and always ensure you’re getting the best value from the bookmaker through methods like line shopping. If you’re not, you should look elsewhere and see what you could be missing out on.

I also recommend you look for out for any acca boosts and other promotional offers from different bookmakers. You’re bound to find something that will increase the profitability of your accumulators.

Let me know which football accumulator betting tip you like the most by leaving a comment below right now.

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