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9 usual DFS fantasy football betting mistakes every punter should avoid

If you are looking for a sports betting game that can insanely blow up your bankroll, DFS football is something you must consider. For many years, punters who dream of earning big while forming their dream football team are playing fantasy football games. You can log in to your dedicated sportsbook to see each DFS football rules before playing. 

Now that the 2020 NFL season is under way, DFS football continues to grow. In fact, the football community continues to give an effort to rank the best players so you can get a chance to form a powerful lineup. Apart from that, you can also consider the DFS football strategies you made before to take the cake. 

While it’s fun and exciting to play fantasy football games, some players commit mistakes without even knowing it. You might wonder that you have been betting for so long, yet you’re still running out of luck. Hence, let’s know some of the usual DFS football betting mistakes you must avoid and find out more DFS information about these practices to boost your bankroll in no time. 

Creating an early roster 

It’s fine to be an early bird to all DFS football you dream of playing, but keep in mind that changes can happen at any time of the day. These changes are about the team’s schedule, bye weeks, or even injury reports. Aside from that, coaches are changing game plans on the game days, so you must keep away from locking in your DFS football players too early.

Joining the wrong contest 

If you have been playing DFS football in the past, you might probably know the rules it carries. However, for those punters who were just introduced to these games, you should make sure that you join the right contest.

There are two DFS football categories you can play in. Cash Games are the most common, where you can win 50% of the wagered amount. While GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) has a pledged amount, you can win regardless of bets and players. 

Dwelling too much on the current performance 

Understandably, it’s tempting to draft your favorite player in a fantasy football roster that crushed impressively on the field. However, the current performance is not a guarantee that they can do or go over what they have done in the past. You need to compare how other players performed to decide whether to replace or retain them. 

Snobbing the value 

The value in fantasy football games refers to the amount you are earning per match. Of course, your main goal is to gain the highest profit as you can. Also, keep in mind the bookie’s prizes because you also need to rely on the amount you wager. Don’t ignore the value unless you are risking for nothing. 

Steering on wrong stats 

Steering too much on the football statistics allows you to go deeper into what DFS means. If you do this for a long time, you might have difficulty pulling yourself when you want to quit. Don’t focus too much on numbers. Instead, be more cautious about the opportunities, efficiency of the team, cornerback v.s. receiver stats, and position v.s. defense. 

Picking players to face your defense 

Most DFS football players think that all the best talents need to be incorporated into their roster. However, it is the most common mistake every punter commits. Take note that when you pick players, make sure that they do not counteract with the defense. In other words, the offensive and defensive talents you dream of being in your roster should have an even distribution. 

Choosing RB’s and QB’s from the same team 

Quarterbacks and running backs are the two most significant positions in real and DFS football games. They both produce productive fantasy points. When you’re aiming to create a winning fantasy football roster, pick these players from different teams. If you choose them from the same group, they might cannibalize the fantasy score and fail to win. 

Punting many lineups

Many say that the more lineups you create, the more chances of winning. However, this is not correct if you look at the bigger picture. If you aim to build a successful fantasy roster, gamble for the best one, or settle for two lineups. Through this, you won’t get confused as to which group you will use while doubting if they can win. 

Letting your emotions rain on your parade

Gambling is a game of luck, and so is DFS fantasy. You can create the strongest team possible, but you should understand that you can either win or lose. Make sure to disregard your emotions when playing this gambling game. Don’t celebrate too much when you win or get depressed when you lose. Keep your cool. 


DFS football is seductive, and you might get enticed to gamble on it right away. While it’s easy to create a roster and risk money, winning is indeed a tough goal to achieve. So, the next time you play fantasy football, keep away from the betting mistakes outlined above to bring home the bacon.