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What is Eastbridge betting brokerage? Should you use their platform in 2020?

Whether or not you’ve been a punter for years, there’s still a slight chance you haven’t heard of bet brokers.

Fret not! In this article, we’ll help you figure out its concept and how to use betting brokerage services such as Eastbridge as well as the advantages of using one.

What is a betting brokerage?

Betting brokerage, or simply bet brokers primarily works as a middleman between a bettor and a bookie in the process of placing bets. Basically, a bet broker will give you single-account access to multiple bookies and offer you the best odds available in the market.

However, not all bet brokers function the same way. Some don’t necessarily provide just one account but it’s the most common practice among brokers.

Moreover, if you’re a regular bettor, you’re well aware that using a conventional bookie in most cases will likely result in a limited or even a closed account. This can be frustrating, to say the least.

Using bet brokers can help you avoid any of these frustrations though since they provide many advantages as compared to the usual bookmakers.

Advantages of using a betting brokerage

1. Access to higher limits

Using a betting brokerage service guarantees that you’ll be able to get the best odds available in the market.

Bookies such as Pinnacle Sports, SBOBET, (previously IBCbet) are already known for having high limits and allow bettors to place high stakes. Opening an account with a bet broker will further increase those limits.

2. No restrictions

It’s no secret that sports betting is still illegal in many places. Because of this, there’s only a handful of bookies you can access and it will still depend on your country of residence.

With bet brokers, you can bet on any sports events and markets you like since they have a diverse list of odds available from markets both inside and outside your prejudice.

Using a betting brokerage service such as Eastbridge will give you access to a wide range of bookies, even those that are hard to get into. There are many bookies you might not have heard of yet, particularly Asian bookmakers, but all these will be available if you employ a bet broker.

3. The best odds from top bookies

If you’re a professional bettor, your betting routine surely includes comparing odds from different bookies and looking for the best ones. Eastbridge sports betting brokerage provides a vast selection of bookies that offers the best odds and prices available.

They have partnerships with some of the best and reliable bookies in the market such as Pinnacle Sports, MAXBET, SBOBET, and more!

Using Eastbridgege will guarantee that you’ll be placing your bets on the best odds and highest limits in the market.

4. Skype betting

Skype betting is a convenient way to place your bets. It’s also very popular for bettors who usually place large stakes.

Skype betting with Eastbridge will definitely take your sports betting into a higher level since they offer not only the best odds available in the markets but unmatched limits as well.

5. Convenience

Including the service of bet brokers in your betting routine also means less work and hassle for you.

You wouldn’t need to spend so much time transferring funds from one bookie to another or keep tabs of multiple betting accounts since brokers will be the one to do it for you.

Furthermore, they wouldn’t charge commissions for your bets. It’s a usual practice for standard bookies to apply commissions on winning bets but with a bet broker, commissions are lower than usual.

On top of that, brokers will be the one to take care of handling your money may it be during deposits or withdrawals.

How does it work?

One thing all bet brokers have in common is they act as the middleman between you and the bookies. However, how you use one will still depend on which broker you use.

But mostly, it will involve creating an account through their website or by contacting them. Once you’re finished with this step, they will immediately walk you through the whole process.

Choose Eastbridge

Having accounts with top Asian bookies like Pinnacle Sports or SBOBET definitely seems like the ideal option.

However, if you truly want to maximise your profits, Eastbridge sports betting brokerage will definitely get you there in no time.