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Easiest sports to bet on to make money in 2021

Many people don’t realize the simplicity of betting. There are ways to win more bets on sports than you would think. 

From the birth of online sportsbooks until 2021, books have grown to an impossible size. Book menus feature an extensive list of sports from all around the world.

Most people only bet inside their comfort zone. The average bettor’s comfort zone includes football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. These sports are exhilarating to wager on, but they aren’t the best contests to make money in 2021.

If you want to make money betting in 2021, you should dig a little deeper into the betting menu. You’ll find sports that yield a much higher return than the options that are showcased all over sportsbooks. 

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Most profitable sports to bet on

Four of the best sports to bet on and win are soccer, tennis, horse racing, and cricket. The betting options that these sports provide give you a fantastic chance to win every single day of the week.


Soccer is a great sport to bet on. The number of winnable wagers offered for the sport is unlike any other contest on a betting menu. 

Soccer is similar to other traditional sports when it comes to some of the bets that sportsbooks offer their players. You can test your luck on the moneyline, but you have some extra options with this bet. 

Soccer tends to end in a draw, so sportsbooks give you a three-way moneyline bet and a two-way moneyline wager. In a three-way bet, you take a team straight up to win or predict that the match will end in a draw. 

In a two-way bet, you have the option to choose a double chance or a draw no bet. Double chance means you’re choosing a specific team to win/draw. Draw no bet refers to just selecting the home or away team to win. 

You also can bet goal lines, which is another name for the spread and various totals and props. Soccer is one of the most straightforward sports to predict thanks to its low scoring nature.


Tennis is another sport that’s often overlooked by bettors. This is surprising because tennis betting is straightforward, and it often yields a high return. 

You can bet the moneyline, the game, and set spread, as well as the over/under. The over/under is determined by the total number of games played in the match. 

Horse racing

Horse racing is very accessible with online sportsbooks. You’re able to bet on races all over the world from your mobile device. Horse race betting is divided into two categories: Straight wagers and exotic wagers. 

For a straight wager, you can bet a horse to win, place, or show. A win classifies a horse finishing first. Place means your pick must finish in the top two. 

Despite the last two options, picking a horse to show is the safest bet out of the three. Your horse must finish in the top three to win. 

Things get a little more complicated with the exotic wagers. The three exotic options for you to choose from are an exacta, quinella, or a double. 

An exacta is when you pick the first- and second-place horses in the exact order for a single race. A quinella is when you choose the first two horses in no particular order for a race. 

A double is picking the winner of two consecutive races. As you can imagine, the exotic bets are much tougher to win.


A lot of American bettors have little to no knowledge regarding cricket. Cricket is one of the oldest sports on book menus today. 

Cricket has many wagers involved in the sport, which gives bettors a great chance to win. 

Cricket has match betting, which is when you choose a team to win, lose, or draw. Books have a completed match bet, which predicts if a match will be finished in a single day. 

The sport is also known for a vast amount of prop bets, including top bowler, top batsman, the top batsman team, and so much more. 

Easiest bets to win

These four sports give bettors phenomenal chances to win. However, these sports are no different than traditional sports on a betting menu. 

You must do your research to be successful when betting on any sport. Even though some of these bets put the odds in your favor, you still can’t cheat the process of betting success. 

For all sports, bettors often ask two questions: What is the easiest bet to win, or how can I win a gamble every time? Here are my top bets for soccer, tennis, horse racing, and cricket.

For soccer, two-way moneyline bets give you a high percentage to win. Soccer is one of the soundest sports to bet on if you choose the right wager. 

Great athletes can single-handedly win soccer games, so talent gives you a big indication of how a club will perform. The safest way to choose a two-way moneyline is by picking a double chance. This will yield a victory if your team wins or the game ends in a tie. 

You’re rarely able to bet the moneyline and win with two outcomes. Take advantage of this wager for soccer contests.

Tennis is a sport where favorites usually shine. Any tennis player can rise to the occasion, so it’s always smart to bet a favorite unless the competitors have equal ability. 

You need to consider factors like playing surface and other advanced analytics to consistently make successful bets with tennis. 

For horse racing, you shouldn’t bet exotic wagers often to win regularly. The safest and most successful bet in racing is choosing a horse to show. 

This gives you three spots for your horse to finish for you to receive a payout. Horse racing is not overly challenging to predict. 

This is because it’s common for horses in the same race not to have the same talent level. 

There’s one bet in cricket that stands out as far as a great way to win money. The best bet to make is if a match will finish in a single day. 

Weather is the most significant factor that forces matches to go multiple days. This makes betting research very easy for this cricket prop. 


Betting doesn’t have to be hard. Betting is all about making money, and you’ll have a very high success rate on soccer, tennis, horse racing, and cricket. 

If you do the research and choose the right bets, you’ll have some massive substantial payouts coming your way in 2021.