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Draw no bet – A simple beginners guide to draw no betting markets

There’s a huge range of betting formats out there and bettors are sometimes unsure as to what they all mean.

In this article, we’re specifically going to look at draw no bets, what they mean, how they work and of course check out an example or two.

Let’s get started.

Draw no bet explanation

I take it some of you reading this article will be new to the concept of draw no bet, so we’ll start right from the beginning.

Draw no bet is rather self-explanatory all things considered.

Draw no bet is a betting market in which the bookmakers refund any stake should the event end in a draw.

It allows punters the chance to bet on a certain market in the knowledge they’ll get their money back should the event finish without a winner.

Draw no bet is popular with many sports. However, a lot of punters are drawn to football betting with the draw no bet market.

It allows you to select a team without the risk of a draw. If the game ends in a draw, the bookmaker will give you your money back as a refund.

The odds are going to be lower than the outright market, but that’s because you have less chance of losing your stake.

With the controversy surrounding VAR and referees giving more penalties etc. you never know where an equaliser may come from.

However, with draw no bet you don’t have to worry. You have extra protection.

Draw no bet example

Let’s check out a draw no bet example.

Let’s say that you want to place a bet on the Manchester Derby in the Premier League.

You’re pretty certain Man City have what it takes to beat Man Utd, but you don’t want a draw to get in the way of your bet.

This is a typical scenario where you may want to wager on the draw no bet market.

Simply head to your desired bookmaker, select the correct game and scroll down until you see the draw no bet market.

Open it up and check out the odds. As I mentioned earlier, the odds are going to be lower than an outright win for either team.

In my example, the draw no bet odds for both teams are as follows:

Draw no bet example

Man City – 1.10
Man Utd – 7.00

And here’s what the odds are on the outright win market:

Draw no bet market

Man City – 1.30
Man Utd – 9.00

Whilst there’s not a huge difference in both sets of odds, the draw no bet on Man City is not going to return a great deal.

A £20 bet will only return £22, a profit of just £2.

Draw no bet betting slip

Whilst Man City are very likely to win this game and you’d get your money back even if the fixture ends up in a draw, there’s still very little point with odds as low 1.10.

I recommend you try and find a market with higher odds.

How to use draw no bet in your betting strategy

Whilst you’re unlikely to use the draw no bet market every week, there will still be plenty of times when it’s useful.

Like the example above, if you’re not certain of a team’s chances of winning or they’re facing strong opposition, you could use the draw no bet market.

Taking the draw out of the equation certainly gives you peace of mind as you have added insurance that your bets are more risk-free.

Draw no bet markets are great for punters who are a little more risk-averse than other bettors out there. However, the returns are going to be lower.

Most online bookmakers offer draw no bet markets meaning you shouldn’t have any difficulty when looking to place your bet.

For more information on which bookmaker to get started with, check out this article.

Draw no bets summary

All in all, draw no bets are great markets for those who aren’t 100% sure their team will get the win or the less risk-averse punters out there.

Whilst you’re not going to place draw no bets every weekend, they are certainly something you should consider when it comes to your betting strategy in 2020.

How often do you place draw no bets? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.