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The Different Approaches to Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the most popular betting strategies active today. When done correctly you are virtually guaranteed to make money. Matched betting is also relatively simple when you follow our matched betting tutorials.

Like all kinds of betting, there are various approaches that matched bettors can take. If you like gambling and are happy with the risk that’s fine but if you’re tired of the bookies taking your hard earned cash or simply want to make an extra income online, then the approaches below will certainly be of interest.

There are two very popular approaches to matched betting that anyone who wants to try this technique should know about. Let’s take a look at them both in more detail below and find out exactly how each approach works.

Manual Matched Betting

Manual matched betting is basically what you’ll be doing when you place matched bets on your own. Manual matched betting can really be as simple or as hard as you want it to be, it all depends on what offers you’re taking advantage of and how experienced you are.

More complex manual matched betting can involve a lot of research and a good level of mathematical skill and betting experience will be needed in order for your bets to pay off. You’ll need to find bonuses and free bets, select an event, calculate the odds and ensure you have every outcome covered.

The most time consuming part of this method is finding the offers. There are hundreds of offers available, most of which we can make a guaranteed profit from. As there are so many it takes time to find them which is where assisted matched betting comes in.

Assisted Matched Betting

Assisted matched betting involves using websites and specialist software to help you. In recent years there’s been a big rise in the number of people using matched betting and the renewed interest in it has caused a boom in the number of matched betting websites and software packages.

These websites and software packages are known as “auto-matchers”. These provide a number of resources but most importantly, expert tutorials and matched betting tools such as a calculator and odds matching software. When used in the right way bettors have everything they need to make more accurate bets and ultimately make more profit from this brilliant technique.

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Which Method Is Best?

At first glance, it might seem like assisted matched betting is the better approach, after all you’ll be guided through the whole process from start to finish. These auto-matchers vary from place to place but there will usually be a small monthly fee to become a member. Once inside you will usually be guided through the whole process and find all the latest bonus offers and promotions to profit from. These sites tell you the exact bets to place to maximise your earnings.

Manual betting can be very difficult at first unless you are already an experienced matched bettor. Once you know where to find all the offers and are happy calculating the stakes etc. manual betting becomes easier and cheaper.

If you’re interested in matched betting then we would suggest that you start by using the assisted method. This method suits beginners thanks to all the tutorials and software. Make sure you start slowly, don’t jump into a complex bet until you have had some experience with matched betting. Remember you can always use a combination of both methods if you prefer.

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