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Matched betting casino offers – learn how to profit today (updated for 2020)

You might be aware of how profitable matched betting is, but did you know you can make even more money by taking advantage of casino offers?

In this article we’ll check out what casino offers are, how they work and how you can profit from matched betting casino offers with Bonus Accumulator.

Let’s get started!

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Matched betting casino offers

As matched bettors diversify and look to maximise their income, there is plenty of long term value in casino offers. These promotions are increasingly popular in the matched betting community as they are incredibly lucrative.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the huge range of promotions that casinos offer new and existing customers. Well it’s these offers that you can take advantage of by using a service like Bonus Accumulator.

Bonus Accumulator offers

Depending on your preferred strategy, there are risk free, low risk and high risk casino offers available meaning there’s something for everyone.

For a more in-depth look at Bonus Accumulator, check out our review here.

Matched betting casino offers – the basics

Before we go any further with matched betting casino offers, let’s look at some basics.

Rollover requirements/ wagering

Like some sportsbook offers, casino offers generally have rollover or wagering requirements attached to them before you can access the bonus.

For example, a casino offer might have a wagering requirement of £100. This means you need to wager through all of this amount before accessing any bonus.

Generally speaking, the higher the rollover requirement, the less profit you’ll make from matched betting casino offers.

Return to player (RTP)

Something else to consider before completing any casino offers is the return to player or RTP amount. This is displayed as a percentage and refers to the amount of wagered money a player receives back.

For example, most slots have an RTP of 95%. So for every £100 that you wager on the game, you will receive £95 back.

The higher the RTP, the more profit you’ll make with casino matched betting.

Note: RTP is theoretical and is not a guaranteed return due to variance.


Another key concept you’ll need to get your head around before completing any offer is something called variance.

Variance is the most important psychological aspect when starting with casino offers.

Variance refers to how far results can vary from the average result or RTP. A casino game with a low variance is likely to produce small but frequent wins. A game with high variance produces large wins infrequently.

To make money with casino matched betting, we want to pick games with a low variance as we’re more likely to win.

Don’t worry if you’re a little confused at this stage, Bonus Accumulator walks you through all the important information to help you get started.

Basically the more casino offers you complete, the more variance plays into your hands and the more profit you should make.

Expected value of casino offers

Another term that we need to consider is expected value or estimated value. You will also see this written as EV.

Every offer has an expected value (EV) rating. This rating works out the average amount of profit you’d expect to make if you completed an offer thousands of times.

This helps us determine whether an offer is worth completing or not. If you complete an offer a few times, your actual profit will vary but should closely match EV over time.

In order to calculate the EV of an offer, we consider the long term maths rather than short term wins and losses.

To help with this long-term mindset, we need to work out if an offer is worth completing by calculating the EV.

As I’ve already mentioned, you are not guaranteed to win with casino offers. However, in the long run, we can use the expected value to turn the maths to our advantage.

Matched betting casino - Roulette table

As you may know, every casino game has a house edge. This is shown as a percentage and ranges from blackjack (0.5%) to roulette (2.5%) and slots (5%).

This figure can be used to calculate the return to player (RTP) which is basically the flip side of the house edge.

As we looked at above, RTP is the percentage of money a player should expect to win back in the long run.

To calculate RTP, simply take 100 and minus the house edge. For a slot, the RTP is 95%.

(100 – 5 = 95%)

With a 95% RTP, you should win back £95 on a stake of £100. This is a common RTP on slots but you should expect the highest RTP on blackjack.

Whilst this may sound a little confusing at first, you’ll soon get your head around it. Especially if you use a site like Bonus Accumulator.

How to calculate the EV of a casino offer

You may be wondering how you can work out the expected value of a matched betting casino offer. Whilst the calculation below may look intimidating to beginners, it’s rather simple when you get into it.

Before you get started, you need the following three values:

  • The total bonus
  • The house edge
  • The bonus wagering requirements

Once you’ve got the data you can add it to the formula below:

EV = (Total bonus) – (House edge) x (Wagering requirement)

Whilst you can complete these calculations manually, I recommend you use a service like Bonus Accumulator. Their advanced software calculates the expected value for you making your job much much easier.

Once you’ve got the expected value of an offer, you can work out whether it’s worth completing or not. If a casino offer has a positive expected value (+EV), you have an edge and it’s worth doing.

However, if an offer has a negative expected value (-EV), you shouldn’t complete the offer as you would likely lose money in the long run.

As I say, Bonus Accumulator calculates all this information for you and shows you which offers to complete and how much you should expect to make.

Bankroll management

One of the best tips to consider before you start with matched betting casino offers is to apply bankroll management. This is especially important for more high-risk offers.

You should commit a percentage of your overall bankroll to each offer in order to spread your overall risk. You’ll also need a larger bank balance before starting casino matched betting.

The law of large numbers means that over hundreds and thousands of offers you are mathematically likely to profit.

Bankroll management in casino matched betting

One thing’s for sure, your bankroll will certainly fluctuate during your matched betting casino journey.

So you’re comfortable with variance, can calculate EV and apply a sensible bankroll strategy. Next up, let’s check out the different types of casino offer.

As we’ll see below, there are risk-free, low risk and high risk casino offers to choose from.

Different types of matched betting casino offer

Casino offers are available in many different shapes and sizes.

It’s fair to say, beginners often head straight to the biggest and most exciting casino offers. However, this is something you should avoid. The biggest casino offers aren’t necessarily the best. Size isn’t everything…

Its size doesn’t determine the expected value of an offer.

This is something you should consider when picking a new casino offer. Here are the most common matched betting casino offers you will encounter.

Bonus Accumulator splits casino offers into the following types:

  • Risk free
  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk
  • No deposit

Risk free / low-risk casino offers

Risk-free and low-risk represent offers where there’s very little or no risk of losing money. Everyone should start off with these casino offers no matter what level of experience you have.

Here’s a great example you can find at Bonus Accumulator: Betfair Casino – 30 Free Spins

Betfair Casino - 30 free spins

You can access risk-free and low risk casino offers at Bonus Accumulator by clicking the link below:

Medium / high-risk casino offers

As the names suggest, medium and high-risk casino offers are the next step up. There’s a chance you could lose your entire deposit on an offer. However, you still have an edge.

Whilst these offers can be incredibly lucrative they are not for beginners. You should only move on to these offers when you’re more experienced and happy to take a risk.

No deposit casino offers

Another type of casino offer at Bonus Accumulator are no deposit offers.

Whilst you don’t need to deposit any money with these casino offers, it’s very unlikely that you will make a profit as the wagering requirements are so high.

You may need to wager the free bonus up to 40 times before you can turn it into withdrawable cash.

However, they’re still worth doing as you may hit a big win without risking any of your own money.

Other types of casino offer

Cashable bonus – Parachute

A parachute bonus is also known as a non-sticky bonus.

Deposit a specified amount, then get a bonus added to your balance. If you hit a win using your own cash (before using the bonus) – you are allowed to forfeit the bonus and withdraw.

The bonus acts as insurance if you fail to hit a win with your initial deposit. I usually aim to double or triple my initial deposit, then withdraw.

The bonus element of a parachute bonus may also have a winnings cap that you need to consider.

Casino offers matched betting

Cashable bonus – Full wagering required

With this casino offer, you can only withdraw any potential winnings after completing the full wagering requirement.

For example, with a deposit £10 get £10 bonus offer (10 times wagering on the bonus) – you can withdraw after playing through £100 worth of bets.

Refund on losses

Also known as cashback offers. Use your own money to place wagers on a specific slot or game – get a refund to a specific figure or a percentage of losses.

Post wager casino bonus

A post wager casino bonus is received after you turn over your deposit a specified number of times.

Sticky casino bonus

A sticky bonus cannot be withdrawn. The bonus amount is usually deducted when you make a withdrawal.

Sticky bonuses are usually offered outside the UK – since a UK Gambling Commission decision in March 2018 banned them.

New to online casinos?

If you’re completely new to online casinos you might be a little unsure and confused about some of the details mentioned above.

This is where Bonus Accumulator comes in. They have hundreds of tutorials designed to take you from complete beginner to a casino matched betting pro in no time.

They even walk you through how to play the most popular games like Roulette and Blackjack.

Bonus Accumulator - How to play casino games

Matched betting casino summary

Completing offers with zero risk is the foundation of matched betting.

However, as the betting landscape changes, we can use sound mathematical principles when playing casino offers. Taking a little risk with a positive expected value could yield long term profits.

Overall, matched betting casino offers are definitely something experienced bettors should consider adding to their strategy in 2020.

Using a service like Bonus Accumulator will allow you to maximise your income no matter what level of experience you have.

Why not get started today?

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