Casino 101: Casino etiquette every gambler should keep in mind

Most casinos are historic institutions that impose their own set of rules and regulations. While these are no longer new for regular attendees, they may be a little bit intimidating and daunting for newcomers. 

If you are among the ones who were introduced to the casino industry from your home or office, you might have to learn the basic rules of land-based casino etiquette. Knowing the dos and don’ts of casino betting, whether it be with Fanduel’s online casino or a physical one, will help you steer clear of both the dealer and players’ wide-eyed glares.

By following the overview of basic casino etiquette provided below, you can make sure that your most-anticipated debut in the world of gambling will be a reverberating success. Make your first-ever trip to casinos as seamless as you can by reading this list of tips. 

Dress appropriately

Most casinos may have a lenient policy when it comes to dressing codes; many others don’t. Depending on your location, the standard clothing that every casino accepts is collared shirts, nice slacks, and a pair of clean sneakers if you need to make a long trip home just to change.

What you can do is check with the casino you’re planning to visit before heading out. This is to ensure that you aren’t either under-dressed or overdressed. And, the same way goes for men and women; it is only fair to say that going in a casino topless is highly frowned upon. 

Put your smartphone away

Casinos operate in a more old-fashioned way: it is considered extremely rude and disrespectful to use any electronic gadget if you’re at the table. Especially if using one is detrimental to your performance. Always keep your attention on the matter at hand; your wallet will love you for it. 

Talking on your smartphone can also distract your fellow players who are concentrating on their wager. The croupier may have to ask you to turn your smartphone off if you are still playing or just step away from the table so you can answer the call without disrupting other people. 

Also, casinos highly prohibit the taking of pictures on the gaming floor. If you badly want to capture the very moment of bustling banks of slots and spinning roulette tables, you may instead buy a postcard as a souvenir. 

Learn the hand signals

When playing in a casino, it is not enough for you to only know the respective verbal commands; you also need to complement these with hand signals. Most of these signals are relatively basic, but it may depend if the cards you’re dealing with are either face up or down. 

If the cards you’re playing with are lying face up, tap the table for “hit” and wave over for “stick.” For a “double,” you need to place your matching bet right next to your original bet then hold up a finger. For a “split,” repeat the same motion but with two fingers. 

And if the cards are lying face down, use it to brush the table for “hit” and then slide them under your bet for “stick.” To indicate a “double,” lay your cards on the table face up and place an additional bet right next to your original bet. For a “split,” place your bet right next to any of the cards. 

Cashing in, cashing out

It is easy for newcomers to commit mistakes when buying chips at the casino. To buy one, never hand your money to the dealer. Instead, lay it on the table as you sit down. The croupier will notice this and will immediately change your cash into chips, announcing the exact amount as he does so. 

You also have to make sure you know the minimum and maximum bets for each table. These are displayed on the board, so don’t sit down and hand $5 when the minimum bet is actually $10.

Roulette chips are specially colored; don’t forget to cash out before leaving the table. Notify the croupier that you already want to leave by waiting at the end of the spin when they’re not that distracted. He will then swap your roulette chips for generic casino chips.

Handling roulette chips

At the roulette table, you will receive a different color of chips. The dealer does this to differentiate your chips from your fellow players. Always remember your color and its placement for a bet. Don’t be intimidated to ask the dealer for assistance. This is so you won’t forfeit bets by placing your chips in the wrong spot. 

Keep in mind to never move your roulette chips in any way during a spin or hand of blackjack. And it is also forbidden to touch the chips of another player. When the croupier places the winning chips at the top of your bets, that is when you can move or remove your chips. 

Final Thoughts

Avoid getting kicked out of a casino by following the basic casino etiquette listed above. Keep in mind that before anything else, casino gambling is essentially entertainment. You must display the courtesy and decorum expected of you to enjoy your casino experience fully.

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