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A step by step guide to buying players on Football Index in 2020

Football Index is a popular platform with footy fans up and down the country. You can buy and sell your favourite football players whilst making a profit.

But if you’re just getting started, which players should you look at buying first? It’s a common question I get asked and one we’ll look at in this article.

Before we get started, if you’ve not joined Football Index already, I recommend you take advantage of their £500 money-back guarantee.

Buying players on Football Index

I’m assuming you know what Football Index is and how it works but if you’re unsure here’s a little introduction.

Football Index is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell shares in football players. It’s essentially the stock market but for football.

Traders can make a profit from various different strategies as we’ll look at below.

For more information, check out our Football Index beginners guide here.

Right, back to the main question of this article, what makes for a great purchase on the Index?

What makes a great Football Index player?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is which players should traders buy first?

Is it a rising star? Or is it a five-time Ballon D’Or winner?

Lionel Messi Ballon D'Or

There are so many potential players to buy, it can become a little overwhelming for any beginners out there. But it’s important to get this decision right and get your Football Index trading off to a great start.

Before we look at what makes a great Football Index purchase, it’s important to understand the different ways you can make a profit using the Football Index platform.

There are two main strategies you can use:

  • Buying and selling players
  • Earning dividends

Buying and selling players

Arguably, the most simple strategy to make money on Football Index is buying players at a low value and selling them high.

This strategy is used by a lot of traders and it’s very profitable when done right.

Using this technique, you should search for rising stars who are priced cheaply. Players who are moving up the leagues and gaining interest from big European clubs are often the ones to watch.

Manchester United stadium

You’ll find that future stars are generally quite cheap at first and can become quite valuable especially if they make the leap into top-flight football.

If you can find valuable players that grow in value, you’re guaranteed to make money if you sell at the right time.

Earning dividends

Another strategy you can use to make a profit on the Football Index is earning dividends. Players earn you a dividend for their on-field performances and coverage in the media.

Self-explanatory, but the better they play and the more media coverage they get, the higher the dividend you will earn per share.

Using this strategy, you will need to look for a different type of player. You’ll need to buy players who have already proven themselves at the top of the game.

Prolific goal scorers like Jamie Vardy and Sergio Aguero come to mind.

Obviously, it’s advisable to use a mixture of both strategies in order to maximise your profit. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Which players should you buy first?

So now we’ve covered both strategies, which players should you buy first?

It all comes down to which strategy you prefer. What’s right for you, may not work as well for me.

But I would certainly look at buying some players cheaply with the aim of selling them on later. If you do your research and pick wisely, this method is more profitable.

How to buy players on Football Index

So now you’ve decided who to buy and which strategy you’re going to start with, it’s time to go ahead and actually buy shares in players.

As with anything on the platform, Football Index has made this incredibly easy and literally anyone can buy players as long as you’re over 18 and live in the UK.

Simply head to the market list and select your player you want to purchase shares in. On that page, you’ll see the most valuable players at the top with less valuable players moving down the table.

You can also search for the player you’re after, look at their stats and decided whether they’re worthwhile.

Once you’re happy, go ahead and purchase your shares. It’s really that simple!

Note: Bear in mind that you can buy up to 300 shares on any player in a single transaction.

Trading on the Football Index in 2020

Football Index is designed to reward players with great football knowledge. So if you think you have what it takes to profit with the index, why not get started today?

Use the tips mentioned above to help you buy your first players and you’ll be making money in no time…

Get started today with a £500 money back guarantee for new customers.

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