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Both teams to score meaning – How to profit from BTTS in 2019

For some of you, both teams to score or BTTS as it’s also known may be a new term and one that you don’t understand the meaning of.

In this article, we’ll clear up any confusion, get to bottom of when to use this betting market and how to maximise your profit in the process.

What does both teams to score mean?

So what does both teams to score actually mean?

Both teams to score is a betting market that is typically used for football matches. When betting on this outcome, you’re selecting both teams (away and home) to score at least once during the match. It can be during either half or even in added time.

As you would have thought, both teams scoring is a common occurrence in a lot of football matches specifically in the Premier League where most teams are generally pretty good.

So when should you use this betting market?

How and when to use this betting market

Using the both teams to score market is just like any other betting market. You can go in-play using BTTS, however, the market will be taken down if each team score at least one goal.

BTTS is a great market to add to your betting arsenal in 2019, especially if you’re placing bets on football events.

When there are two teams playing which are likely to score goals, this market can be a great option to place a bet on. On the other hand, you’ll have to accept that the odds can sometimes be quite low as the likelihood of this outcome happening may be quite high.

Some punters are interested in taking small profits and this market is a great example of just that.

At some point, you may come across a both teams to score market that has brilliant odds. At least you now know what it means and what exactly you’re betting on.

Which bookmakers offer both teams to score?

In the modern world of online gambling, most bookmakers offer a huge range of markets to their customers. Both teams to score is one of the more popular markets meaning you’ll find this option at almost every online bookmaker.

As part of your betting strategy, you should always look for the best value odds in the betting industry. You can use sites like Oddschecker or Oddsportal to find which bookmaker is offering the most value.

Both teams to score betting options

There are many different variations of the BTTS market. This is great for punters as it allows you more opportunities to profit.

So what are the different options when it comes to both teams to score betting?

BTTS and Winner

In this market, you’re selecting both teams to score and predicting the winner of the game. You need to land both parts of the bet to win this market.

The odds are generally slightly better than the standard BTTS market, however, they’re not going to be as high as the following options.

BTTS & Over/Under

BTTS & Over/Under simply refers to both teams to score and the total number of goals scored in the game. Most Over/Under markets start at 2.5.

So if you select under 2.5, you’ll need both teams to score just once during the match for this to be a winning bet. If either team score more than once you’ll lose this bet as three goals will have been scored.

BTTS in both halves

This bet is simple in that it refers to both teams scoring at least once in both halves of the fixture. So there’ll need to be at least four goals in this match, two scored by each team for this to be a winning bet.

These outcomes are quite hard to predict and can be quite rare. I recommend you bet on this market when two high-scoring teams are playing against each other.

BTTS promotions

You’ll find that bookmakers promote offers and bonuses to their customers during large events and tournaments. This is also the case when it comes to BTTS.

You may come across boosted or enhanced odds for such markets. These are often great bets to place as the likelihood of both teams to score in a match is quite high. Especially when you look at Premier League fixtures.

However, it’s always important to do your research before placing any bets. Just because a bet looks enticing, it doesn’t mean you should go ahead with it.

One of our most important football betting tips is to research events thoroughly. The more informed your bets are, the more profit you’ll make. As simple as that.

Both teams to score – a good market?

So is the both teams to score market a good option for your betting strategy in 2019 and beyond?

Yes, it certainly is!

This market is great if you’re interested in betting on football matches. Whilst the standard variation of this market may have low odds and therefore a low return, you can increase your potential winnings by trying other, more advanced markets mentioned above.

As with everything in betting, the more knowledge you have of what you’re betting on, the more likely you are to place winning bets.

All in all, both teams to score is certainly a betting market you should consider using in 2019.

Let me know your thoughts on BTTS by leaving a comment below right now.

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